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  1. Sure, but the original argument seemed to be that the ore scrubber wasn't necessary because disinfecting didn't need to be done. That's what I was confused by. If people do agree that disinfecting needs to be done, and that the ore scrubber is the "easiest"/simplest/newbie-friendliest way of doing it, or even just a halfway reasonable way of doing it, then no one's made the argument that we should still get rid of the ore scrubber.
  2. You could also put an ore scrubber between a pitcher pump set to "autobottle" and a bottle emptier.
  3. If we start getting rid of buildings because there are workarounds for people very experienced with the systems, there won't be too many buildings left. Why use a pre-built filter instead of a loop filter? Or a fridge instead of chlorine? It seems like the ore scrubber fills a reasonable and intuitive role to me, and one that can be helpful. (I keep meaning to put one before my bottle emptiers to handle germy moppings-up.) I'd totally appreciate a boost to how many germs they use up, or for them to repeat the task (like sinks), though.
  4. The tepidizer does that (and I think it says that it does in the description).
  5. Slimelung doesn't die all THAT fast in clean oxygen, and it certainly doesn't die faster than your dupes can inhale while walking past it. I think any major use of the algae distiller really wants an ore scrubber attached to it too.
  6. I understand how to get them to not offgas, but I thought the slimelung went into any algae you get out of the algae distiller, and then can spread from oxygen diffusers.
  7. Wait, how do you guys get slimelung out of slime without the ore scrubber? Just storing it at a weird temperature? Are you not using algae distillers either?
  8. I've always liked the idea that germy water sinks would leave some fraction of the germs on you. It seems like an obvious lack in the design. (Germy inputs affect you in making mush bars, in water coolers, and in algae distillers, so why wouldn't they in sinks?) I've been wanting to mod this behavior in for a while, but haven't ever found the time.
  9. Gas pressure in Kg instead of g?

    I think that's a geode. Congratulations, you have a lot of carbon dioxide.
  10. When I connect the pipe on the attached save, the game freezes, and then closes without opening the crash reporter. The Cute Crater.sav
  11. The "ethanol distiller" doesn't store any polluted dirt internally, so it's constantly dropping tiny amounts of polluted dirt on the ground, every second. It should probably store and then drop in 10kg increments, like the water sieve, etc. Save attached in case you'd like to see an endless parade of dupes picking up tiny amounts of dirt. The Lucky Citadel.sav
  12. Desalinator output listed 2x

    Really just displaying them in the order of "Input1, Output1, Input2, Output2" would probably resolve this.
  13. One of my dupes got trapped on top of a door during building, and now they're kinda bouncing up and down forever. (You can free them by deconstructing the tile above them, I just thought the save file might be helpful.) Inescapable Moonbase.sav