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  1. I think that's a geode. Congratulations, you have a lot of carbon dioxide.
  2. When I connect the pipe on the attached save, the game freezes, and then closes without opening the crash reporter. The Cute Crater.sav
  3. The "ethanol distiller" doesn't store any polluted dirt internally, so it's constantly dropping tiny amounts of polluted dirt on the ground, every second. It should probably store and then drop in 10kg increments, like the water sieve, etc. Save attached in case you'd like to see an endless parade of dupes picking up tiny amounts of dirt. The Lucky Citadel.sav
  4. Really just displaying them in the order of "Input1, Output1, Input2, Output2" would probably resolve this.
  5. One of my dupes got trapped on top of a door during building, and now they're kinda bouncing up and down forever. (You can free them by deconstructing the tile above them, I just thought the save file might be helpful.) Inescapable Moonbase.sav
  6. Yeah, it was fixed in a recent version! This bug can probably be closed now.
  7. There’s also a bug where it won’t accept plants as the decor item even when they have decor 20+.
  8. It won't show up until you have some bottled petroleum (perhaps by mopping some, or putting a pitcher pump on a pool of petroleum). You'll also need some steel. They really need to find a way to make that clearer.
  9. Click to select a Farm Box Click the "Uproot" button Leave the farm box selected the entire time while you wait for a dupe to uproot the plant. Click the "Uproot" button again This seems to crash the game every time. (I know it sounds like a dumb thing to do, but tbh I think I had assumed it would be a Plant button once the plant was uproted.) Base.sav
  10. I also couldn’t get hatches to eat from a feeder in this version.
  11. Having a decor 26 plant in a room doesn't seem to satisfy the requirement of a Great Hall for "Decor item: 20+ Decor". Save attached (there's one obvious meal hall, it's below and to the left of the start.) I've only tested Wall Pots currently, but I believe flower pots had the same problem in previous versions. Sticky Dwelling.sav
  12. Carpet tiles require 2 reed fibers to build, but deconstructing a carpet tile gives back only 1 reed fiber. (The resulting reed fiber had some weird effects in terms of building mass, too: it says it's 1000g of reed fiber, when I built another carpet tile that used that fiber, it was 203kg instead of 202kg.)