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Wild Oxyferns working at domesticated rate...

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After the latest fix, Oxyferns work again. But wild ones produce too much:


Steps to Reproduce

See above.

User Feedback

Are you able to consistently reproduce this, or provide a save where it happens? I also notice in your screenshot that the details listed are not for the oxyfern pictured.

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Hmm. I deleted the save by accident, but it was the basis of my "Oxyferns produce nothing" bug report. Let me recover that one...

I don't know what happened with the screenshot. Here it the same situation again, this time with arrow:



The save is attached. There are thee wild Oxyferns and all have that behavior at least initially. It is possible this is a side-effect of the fix or of them being in that "inactive" state before. The world was generated with the world-gen before the latest fix.

I tried a bit to reproduce this with a new world (after the fix), no success.



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