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Weird starvation bug

  • Branch: Live Branch Dupe

So I was struggling to get one of my starving duplicants to eat before he starved, but everyone was being greedy and taking it from him, I could have micro-managed more I guess, but was feeling lazy and was ready to just reload anyways. I was surprised to see that upon starvation instead of outright dying, my duplicant was instead simply incapacitated. I started looking up ways to help him since he became incapacitated right on top of the cooking station with food near him and still wouldn't eat, and I saw someone mention to use red alert and they will get back up. So I tried this and his death timer seems to have vanished, and he didn't fall back down, but apparently he no longer needs to eat and refuses to eat as well. Seems to be fulfilling all his tasks fine but just is always at 0% fullness.

Steps to Reproduce
Character starves, becomes incapacitated, trigger red alert.

User Feedback

More like a incapacitate/Red Alert bug. Using Red Alert shouldn't make the incapacitated Dupe do anything, because they shouldn't move no matter what.

What you have now is a Zombie Dupe. The game simply didn't know what to do with the Dupe after he died during a Red Alert.

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