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Water Sieve output temperature stuck

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The situation is that I have a water-sieve that is off for a while and then when being started again gets a few input packets a lot warmer than what comes after. The output then sticks constantly at a warm temperature, despite the input pwater rapidly getting colder.

The attached save ("Spaced Out", but the issue probably is general) has a test case that shows the problem reliably. I had it every time in about 10 tries.

Steps to Reproduce

Load attached save, unpause, flip Hydro Sensor to start sieve, see sieve output hot water (stuck at 32.4C) despite the input temperature going down rapidly to 17C or so. Automatic on/off cycling the sieve via the timer-sensor seems to clear the issue after a few attempts. In 4 tries I have seen it take between 2 and 5 on/off cycles for the temperature to become un-stuck and follow the input again. If the sieve is not power- or automation-cycled on/off, the output seems to be stuck for at least a while.


User Feedback

I have seen something like it before. But I think it got fixed and is now broken again. Not really sure though.

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I don't remember seeing a patch note mentionning that bug to be fixed.

And as we can see, it hasn't been marked as fixed either by a developer.

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Well, anyways my save is a current test case.

I may just not have had the right conditions for this to happen for a while now. 

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