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Water Sieve doesn't care polluted water's temperature.

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When I pump polluted water of 30 Celsius, Water Sieve extract 39 Celsius clean water.

And when I pump polluted water of 12 Celsius, Water Sieve extract 40 Celsius clean water.


I did all my best to get chill water (because my home is upon the Steam Vent) finally I found and construct Long Insulate Pipe line for long time. But It was failed and I was frustrated. very much.

I know, it depends on Water Sieve's temperature. But it is TOO much depending... polluted water's temperature must be also major factor of the clean water's temperature.


why I must see 40 celsius clean water from 12 celsius polluted water...? It is nonsense.

I saw 40 celsius clean water from 30 celsius polluted water(from the same water sieve)... Why both result is same..?




Steps to Reproduce
Just prepare water sieve of 33 Celsius, and pump polluted water. first, pump 30 Celsius polluted water, And then, pump 12 Celsius polluted water. You can get same clean water of Same temperature.

User Feedback

Thats not a bug, It intended behavior. Sieve has a fixed output of 40°C. It does not matter if you put in -50°C or +99°C polluted water. The output will always be 40°C. Thats how it works at the moment. Deal with it, because its not changing very soon i suppose.

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The sieve is great for destroying heat. Lead the cool polluted water through hot areas like your power plant to get it to 50-60 degrees, then use it as coolant in refining metal, then send your 100 degree water through the sieve and watch 60 degrees of pain just fade away.

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It IS bug. If cheaters and bug-users wanna cheat - they have sandbox mode, just spawn hydrogen ice and it will kill extra heat, or use hundreds of other ways how to get rid of heat in sandbox mode, but in normal game mode second law of thermodynamic must work without such buggy exceptions.

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It isn't logic. First i used this bug to cool polluted water which is coming from Thermo Aquatuner system but now it isn't funny anymore because game is easier.

if Klei fixe this, it will be cool and more logic.

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