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  1. thank you. I set Carbon Skimmer and problem fixed.
  2. Duplicants makes Carbon dioxide. So it needs to be deal with. I commonly use Alge terrarium. That's easy. If I recruit 4 Duplicants, I need 3 Alge terrarium. No more. But this time, I recruited 6 Duplicants, And I made 8~10 Alge terrarium. But, Carbon dioxide Never disappear. Screenshot shows 'not changing' during 8 cycles.(2 screenshots have term of 8 cycles.) **And there are few critters. 3 shine bugs and 2~3 puft. And I don't use coal generator. And natural gas generator works few seconds a cycle. This is not the thing, always shown while playing this game. Many time, Alge terrarium banish carbon dioxide. But not this time. I experienced this bug when I first played this game. It was very frustrated. Alge terrarium sometimes shows [banishing carbon dioxide 333.33mg]. But the situation never changed. Why? why the 10 Alge terrarium cannot change the situtation?? Screenshot shows 8 cycles' term. but I experience this for 30 cycles. It is painful. Please guide me if i did something wrong. If not, please fix this. SOLVED ***********It was not bug. forget this text.
  3. When I play this game, I always tame Shine bug and made numerous of shine bugs.. But in this [Clone Lab], I groomed hatch,,,,and I try to groom shine bug but I failed... At first, there was no stable (grooming station was out of stable) and it does not work. So I made 2nd try. Image 1 : I made Stable but Rancher does not groom (there is a wild shine bug in stable.) (Rancher priority was HIGH, Stable's priority was 9) Image 2: I thought machines can be problem, and I made smaller stable of no machines included. Image 3: Rancher is idle Image 4: I made her Seasoned Rancher (from Rancher) but.. idle too. I experienced that A farm tile has a error and cannot be planted and cannot be destructed. I thought this can be similar problem, so I destruct grooming station and construct again, but it does not work too. This is image of the farm tile. I gave up and construct another farm tile below. Rancher groomed hatch at night. Clone Lab.sav
  4. When I pump polluted water of 30 Celsius, Water Sieve extract 39 Celsius clean water. And when I pump polluted water of 12 Celsius, Water Sieve extract 40 Celsius clean water. I did all my best to get chill water (because my home is upon the Steam Vent) finally I found and construct Long Insulate Pipe line for long time. But It was failed and I was frustrated. very much. I know, it depends on Water Sieve's temperature. But it is TOO much depending... polluted water's temperature must be also major factor of the clean water's temperature. why I must see 40 celsius clean water from 12 celsius polluted water...? It is nonsense. I saw 40 celsius clean water from 30 celsius polluted water(from the same water sieve)... Why both result is same..?
  5. one of five is consuming..... it cannot be satisfied. and it will not consume soon. why I have to be afraid all time with instability of A.T?
  6. Algae Terrarium(A.T) does consume CO2 at first,(when I resume game from Main menu.) but it does not consume after few minutes. and the text disappeared "consuming carbon dioxide 333.33 mg" very first of the game(cycle 1~50), I could clear most of the CO2 by the A.T. but now I cannot. Now CO2 is flooding in my home!!! dupplicant cannot breath and it is very painful to me. everything was normal, CO2 pressure 700 g.. when you start, A.T does well. but after 1~2 cycle, you can see A.T which does not consume Carbon Dioxide. The picture is that. plz correct this. I want to use A.T.. this is very useful for me.. and for dupplicants.. (the file's name is Korean, I think your computer cannot read...) (there was no output.txt file in oxygennotincluded_Data folder.) 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 222.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 221.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 213.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 214.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 215.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 216.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 217.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 218.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 219.sav 가장 어두운 우주 감옥 Cycle 220.sav 가장 어두운 우주감옥.sav