Water continues to increase in self-sustaining bathroom/toilet

Mr Sin
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Water continues to increase in self-sustaining bathroom/toilet.

After dupes used the toilet.jpg

Before dupes use toilet.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
I built a self-sustaining bathroom/toilet, somehow the water continues to increase. i have reload the game, but it continues.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Dupes consume water, like us humans. And where does this water go? Sweat and pee. Of course it adds to lavatory. Self sustaining only works with showers. With lavatorys you have to vent the excess.

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This is not bug by itself, but if look at all picture: dupes dont directly consume water - they consume food, but you can cook food without water, you can grow some plants for food without water, so you can generate water out of nowhere - this is wrong somehow.

Not talking that: "The Lavatory adds 6.7kg of polluted water with each use", but when dupe "made mess" it creates only 2kg of polluted water(i checked just right now), numbers not fitting... Water Sieve make from 5kg of polluted water 5kg clear water, consume 1kg of sand for this and return only 0.2kg of polluted dirt, so we losing sand to nowhere...

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