Valves - copied settings never get set

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A gas valve, the flow can be set manually eg 2500g/s, by typing in a number, when set, a dupe will change the valve according to a schedule.  If a valves flow is copied and then applied to any other gas valve, the valve will never get changed by a dupe, it will remain at it's original value, despite showing the pasted value. 

To change a valve's flow rate, each valve must be set manually.  A valve can have a value pasted, but, the value must be selected first and then the Return key must be pressed, the valve will now get set according to a dupes schedule.


Steps to Reproduce
Manually set 1st gas valve flow rate to 500g/s and the second valve flow rate to 700g/s and a third to 900g/s. Confirm that all valves are registering the the correct flow rates. Select 1st valve, press copy. Select the second and third valves with the paste tool. Confirm that the value in the text box for valve 2 and 3 are at 500g/s. select the number value for the second valve (as if you would type the value in) and hit the Return key. Wait for how ever many cycles you are happy with, until you can be sure a dupe would have definitely set both valves. The flow rate to the third valve will remain at 900g/s and never get set by a dupe. While the second valve will have the correct flow rate.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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6 hours ago, Alpe12 said:

Yup, I'm surprised they didn't fixed it yet.

maybe in the release. They will do many things, that they have not done yet.

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