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Transporting Sleet Wheat slivers

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I often notice that even though Sleet Wheat weighs almost nothing, my duplicants will only pick up a fraction of 1 grain quite frequently.  In the attached screenshot, Devon picked up 0.05 Sleet Wheat, leaving behind the remaining 7.95.  This exact amount wasn't needed for any supply task, as you can see the current task is to  store it.  Even if the task changed, though, it seems reasonable that these should be transported only in whole numbers.



Picked up 0.05 sleet wheat.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

It just happens...

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I think, sometimes its because for example you want to take 500 something and 3 duplicants take that order. After taking order first take 150, second 400 and last 50 or only two take that and third just get distracted with something else so you must wait for other one to pick the rest.

If only one took that order, he take everything.

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