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  1. Job Screen movement compared to the main screen

    Yes! Thank you! Same for research tree.
  2. Water is too viscous

    Moondrake, I did say the same thing - "Since gases and liquids don't mix in this game, they cannot occupy the same square." However, the "reaching up" phenomenon does exist. Look around your map. You will see many instance of liquid in the open on the ground, and based on what percentage of 1000kg exists, the square will be filled approximately that percentage. If, on the other hand, there is a surface above that square, the liquid will reach up and touch the bottom of that surface, even if there is very little volume. This has scared me more times than I can count, as I thought I had a major flood, when in fact it was just a tiny bit of water filling the whole gap. Take a look at the draining reservoir picture I included above. At the bottom, you can see a thin layer of water. However at the top, you can see where the water reached up, sealing off the left corner, making a physically impossible, very highly compressed air bubble. This happens all the time and has stymied water level sensors, flooding my base on numerous occasions. My second picture though, really has me baffled. That is a static pool of water. There is nothing draining into it to produce that tentacle reaching to the sky. I just checked, and dozens of cycles later, it still looks like that. I too am amazed how well things work. But given the number of well documented bug reports, I am disappointed that so many of these issues are not being addressed because of the focus on pumping out more ill-conceived and buggy content. It would be different if we didn't have hundreds of hours invested in some of these games and to have hours of "work" ruined by a bug. There are times when I think I need a massage table more than my duplicants.
  3. Same thing for plant temperature. I initially wrote it off as a rounding error since I chose English units (deg F) but now I wonder.
  4. Meteor shower start at cycle 1

    Iron comets are by far the worst addition to the game since I have started playing and are the sole reason I will not be starting a new game. All the bugs, the total disregard for physics, the limitations, and all of the knife in the back changes are a pain, but they are manageable - mostly. Iron comets, on the other hand, have ruined the game. Until their destructive behavior is changed, the game is not worth playing.
  5. Water is too viscous

    Liquids are magical in this game. It tends to reach upward, especially if there is an object (like a tile) above it. Check out these snapshots currently existing in my game. In the first, the bottom row of water is really full (999kg), but in the second, the polluted water is about 84kg per square, and the clean water above is only 400g. First picture, I cannot explain. But the second is due to the game design. Since gases and liquids don't mix in this game, they cannot occupy the same square. So the polluted water gets the bottom square, and the clean water gets the square on top of it. Makes no sense how 400g of clean water is drawn to fill the whole tile though, or why the polluted water doesn't "bunch up" and let the clean water have it's own bottom row tile. The third picture shows tonnes of oil refusing to drain, which since it doesn't change to natural gas when you boil it anymore, I guess that's not a bad thing, or I'd have thousands of tonnes of sour gas to deal with. And the last is an oldie but goody from the CU days, although I doubt it's been fixed.
  6. I have seen the same thing happen with automation wire - even before it is built (the to-be built outline won't go away). My only recourse was to load a previous save.
  7. Surround it in abyssalite tile and fill it with 2000-3000g of Hydrogen. See images below. The first with just the AETN alone drops the temperature of petroleum about 8F. The second with 3 worts drops it about 10F (I suspect the top wort isn't working).
  8. I reported the same thing. One time over 200 tonnes of regolith passed through a row of bunker tiles and a row of abyssalite tiles. I have at least 100 storage compactors holding all of the regolith that has gotten around or through my defenses.
  9. Comet bugs

    I sure would love for someone to explain how this keeps happening.... Notice that the 2 tiles of regolith that magically appeared between the bunker tile and insulated tile in the picture above is gone? I cleaned that up a while ago, and now look... Nothing in there now, but 4 tiles of regolith magically passed through both the bunker tile and the insulated tile, and you can see it didn't even damage the insulated tile. Of course that would be a lot easier to see if you would fix the bug that broke the "heath" bars for objects.
  10. Comet bugs

    Not sure if anyone actually looks at these bug reports since my last one is still pending after over a month, but what the hell, here's one more from my long list of bugs for you: Let's forget the fact that in all likelihood a comet should be near absolute zero (even Wiki defines a comet as "an icy small Solar System body"), and just go with what you have chosen. As the rock comet approaches, you can see in the first picture that it is 163.8F. However, just a split second later, when it impacts, the temperature of the regolith it leaves behind is 621.4F (second picture). Are we to believe that this is due to the impact? Surely, it's not being heated in the atmosphere that doesn't exist. This, of course, cooks everything on the surface and slowly, everything below the surface. And since you can't tell a duplicant where to get materials from, they regularly go to the surface to pick up 600+F iron mixed in with the regolith, causing all sorts of problems, like the constantly overheating transformer feeding my bunker doors that they keep repairing with 600+F iron... And while on the subject of regolith, I think you went just a little overboard here. As seen in the first image, I now have over 82,000 tonnes of it laying around - and that doesn't even count everything that is unreachable at the moment! Another comet related bug is the damage it does. A bunker tile is suppose to protect against comets, however both the rock comet and the iron comet will do damage to the row below a bunker tile. Additionally, tonnes of regolith will sometimes magically pass through the bunker tile and land in the area below (see thrid picture). We've all seen the inside of the Gravitas office (image 4 after much digging). How does that continue to fill up with regolith and iron?
  11. Problem still exists in Rocket upgrade... Note that there is plenty of O2 at this checkpoint.
  12. @Sasza22 Cooling it doesn't help if you can't use it. Natural gas generators don't want it. And natural gas generation from dumping oil on magma has been significantly reduced. That mostly only produces sour gas now. Fossils. Interesting. I assume these would appear randomly while digging? Guess that will help in new games. My current base has most land areas cleared - either by me or by meteors :(.
  13. Sour gas instead of natural gas from boiling oil now, huh? And at over 1000F, no less, guaranteeing that it is impossible to get rid of. So in this one update, you nerfed solar panels AND natural gas generation? You already decided to boil my plants in the expressive update making food generation exponentially more difficult.. Not to mention the purple meteors (thanks, space update) that are slowly eating their way down through my base because steel is so out of reach. Games are supposed to be fun to play, but you turn this into more of a nightmare with every update. The message I am getting loud and clear is "we're ruining this game, go find something else to play..."
  14. Sunburned while working in the observatory? Really? That is just plain mean. Oh, and there is a bug in there. Only someone who has the trait "Research Telescope Researching" is supposed to be allowed to use the telescope. This trait is only listed for the Tenured Scientist, however Banhi, my Scientist in training, is able to use it as well as Ada, my extra crispy Tenured Scientist..
  15. Behold the magical properties of the bridge! Thanks, Kabrute! I thought their magical ability started and stopped with the perpetual motion machine.