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  1. Hi Hunter, It looks like you sucked up some steam from that steam geyser. When the steam hit that cold pipe, it condensed and damaged it. Look below the damage, you should see a bunch of water. If you want to transfer steam, you must keep the contents above the boiling point for its entire travel. This can be challenging even with insulated pipes, especially when the pipe isn't full. Any time a gas or liquid changes states in a pipe, it will cause "cold damage." Klei really needs to get rid of the word "cold" and just leave "damaged" then change the tool tip to indicate that the damage was caused by a gas or liquid state change. On a side note, you could save a lot of resources and make your life a whole lot easier if you use Conductive Wire to connect up small appliances like gas pumps rather than using Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire. Hope that helps,. Misca
  2. Kuroshi, You need to allow access to that save file on your google drive. If you allow downloads, I'll grab it see what happens on my computer... Misca
  3. I get what you are saying, but if that is really what they are doing, then I think it is a terribly confusing way to display these temperatures. The base value should be the temperature at which the base material over heats. When a material with a higher over heat temperature is used, that modifier is then added to the base, and you get the new overheat temperature.
  4. They also build themselves into walls and hang out in my sleet wheat farm then complain about being cold... My take-away is that Dups are just not very bright. I get particularly frustrated when I build something from iron, copper, or gold amalgam (like a transformer, for example) and the Dups source 600°F raw material from the surface (or 2000°F material from a volcano) and it instantly overheats and cooks everything around it.
  5. You are incorrect, Mastermindx. I agree that the base over-temp should be 348.2K, or 75°C or 167°F as you repeated from my post. But I have confirmed that if the game option is set for Kelvin, it reports 348.2K (correct), but if set for Celsius, it reports 348.2°C (correct conversion is 75°C), and if you set it to Fahrenheit, it reports 626.7°F (correct conversion 167°F). The Fahrenheit error is shown in the screenshot. This error is further exacerbated by the fact that the tool tip says 626.7°F (base value) + 90°F (modifier for gold amalgam) = 257°F (over-temp value). I am certainly glad whoever came up with that math is not managing my bank account... Misca
  6. I often notice that even though Sleet Wheat weighs almost nothing, my duplicants will only pick up a fraction of 1 grain quite frequently. In the attached screenshot, Devon picked up 0.05 Sleet Wheat, leaving behind the remaining 7.95. This exact amount wasn't needed for any supply task, as you can see the current task is to store it. Even if the task changed, though, it seems reasonable that these should be transported only in whole numbers. Misca
  7. When you select a building that can overheat, and mouse over the Over Heat Temperature, the tool tip incorrectly converts the base value from 348.2 K to 348.2°C when it should be 75°C, which is then incorrectly converted to 626.7°F, which should be 167°F (incidentally, 348.2°C = 658.8°F, not 626,7°F - you forgot to add 32) . It doesn't seem to matter which building you select or what it is made out of. The actual over heat temperature is correct though. See attached screen shot. Misca
  8. When setting the value for a sensor (Atmo Sensor, for example) or a building (Gas Flow Valve, for example), you must enter the value, then either right-click off of the item or press Enter. If you left-click off of the item before pressing return, the value you just entered will be lost and replaced with the last value successfully entered into that particular sensor or building. For example, Lets say I create an Atmo Sensor, then enter the desired pressure (say 1000g) and press Enter (or right click) - this is a successful change. Then, I go to adjust another Atmo Sensor, but after entering the new value (say 2000g), I left-click something else, the value for the Atmo Sensor I was just trying to adjust will become the value I previously successfully entered (1000g, in this case), rather than reverting back to its previous value or taking 2000g as I typed. I have confirmed this behavior affects all of the following sensors and buildings: Atmo Sensor Hydro Sensor Thermo Sensor Gas Flow Valve Liquid Flow Value Buffer Gate Filter Gate Gas Germ Sensor Gas Temp Sensor Liquid Germ Sensor Liquid Temp Sensor Timer Personally, I would like the left-click to mimic the right-click, however reverting back to the previous value (effectively a cancel) would also be acceptable. Whichever you choose, it will be much better than changing it to an almost random value! Thanks, Misca
  9. This is actually a great improvement over the old behavior where they would be entombed in the tile and had to be dug out before they died.
  10. Alexish, Actually, manually transporting liquids is much easier than gases. All you need to do is to build a pitcher pump over the liquid source. Then build a bottle emptier where you want the liquid dumped. You can select the liquid accepted by the bottle emptier. If you enable "Auto Bottle" and set the priorities high enough, your duplicants will continuously move the liquid. No power is needed for any of these buildings, and both are very low on the research tree. Finally, if there is only a small amount of liquid left (less than 100kg, I think), use the mop tool to mop it up and put it in a bottle. Then that will also be taken to the bottle emptier and drained. Hope that helps, Misca
  11. Shouldn't dups get a boost of calories when they get a drink from the juicer? Maybe even from the espresso machine?
  12. I would love to be able to use automation to take action based on the temperature of a building (like a pump, etc...). This could be like any other 1x1 sensor, but it is allowed to be stacked on any tile containing a building (that doesn't already contain an automation port, of course).
  13. If an item is tagged for sweeping but is picked up then dropped (end of shift, for example), the sweep status is removed. Please retain this directive when this happens. Or better yet, complete the transfer before taking a break. It is especially frustrating when oxylite is dropped and "melts away" while waiting for someone else to finish the delivery.
  14. Some minor bugs for you... 1) When using a gas range while wearing an atmo suit, the suit will intermittently disappear. 2) When exiting a rocket, the pilot's atmo suit is not shown, however they hang it up in the atmo suit dock, so they did have it. 3) When a rocket lands, and the gantry is extended, the pilot flashes outside the command module, but doesn't leave until they are unassigned to the rocket. 4) Broken ladders are still usable. Misca