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  1. Wow, it already takes ages to open or close a 4-tile wide bunker door. It would take a whole cycle to close a 10 tile door. And gesh, 50? A week? I like the idea of a laser better. Just shoot those asteroids right out of the sky.
  2. I agree, the game should prevent you from crossing them. I would also love to see them prevent connecting a normal wire and a heavi wire as that will also cause major problems. At least you can find where you accidentally did that though.
  3. You most likely connected an automation wire and an automation ribbon somewhere (these cannot cross). It is almost impossible to see if you did this behind a ribbon writer or reader.
  4. I agree for some things. There needs to be some consistency though. For example, a natural gas generator has a CO2 piped output, but a coal generator doesn't. Even a polymer press has a CO2 piped output. There is no reason the natural gas generator couldn't have a liquid pipe output for the polluted water it produces, just like the steam generator does for the water it produces. It's like they were left off intentionally just to overly complicate colony design. But then they oversimplified other things, like the Hydrogen generator. How does it burn Hydrogen without needing Oxygen? And where is the water that should be produced? For that matter, why don't all combustion-based generators consume Oxygen? The electrolyzer or rust deoxidizer could have 1 pipe the puts out both Oxygen and Hydrogen or Oxygen and Chlorine, but having one for each is not realistic since that would require a gas filter inside of it, which is something the player should have to add to the piped output. While on the subject of consistency, why is it that when an oil refinery is used, petroleum is generated at half the rate of input crude oil, and a little natural gas is generated, while if I heat crude oil to 700F, I get 100% conversion to petroleum and no natural gas is produced?
  5. Holy cow, you are cooking those poor duplicants! I also confirmed that the problem is the lack of power to your atmo suit docks.
  6. Totally agree! I have looked several times and have always been amazed (and disappointed) by the complete lack of merchandising for this game. Given the cartoonish look of the game and the cult following it has, it lends itself perfectly to a huge assortment of stuffed critters or duplicants, toys, hats (hello, they get hats, why can't I?), shirts (no snazzy shirts please!), figurines, or posters. I would totally buy an atmo suit Halloween costume! I have only found 1 piece of ONI merchandise: A sweatshirt on Amazon, and I doubt it's officially sanctioned: https://www.amazon.com/Oxygen-Included-TShirt-Unisex-Sweatshirt/dp/B07YW9ZF59 Heck, you can't even buy a steam code for this game on any other site. Every single Steam game I have was purchased from Newegg or Amazon, but not this one... i had to reluctantly give my CC information to Steam to buy it. I did discover a year or so later that the Walgreens near me sells Steam gift cards, but that is the only place I have ever seen them. And just take a look at what people are creating and posting on Thingiverse (I see some printing in my future!): https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q="oxygen+not+included"&type=things&sort=relevant Wake up Klei... Christmas is coming (for you and for us)...
  7. Yes, I was thinking that too, but If it were limited to only 4 channels, for example, it would be difficult to abuse. And really, by the time you would need such a thing, refined metal is not a constraint, so its use would be simply aesthetic or simplicity.
  8. It sure would be nice if there was a way to broadcast an automation signal across the asteroid without running miles of automation wire. Each transmitter or receiver would need power, and should be addressable (1-4, or 1-16, etc...).
  9. Cruel developers! What oh what could be buried in Neutronium? You know it's got to be good!
  10. I finally caught this happening. It was a pokeshell attacking. Turns out it takes a full 6-7 seconds from the time a duplicant gets attacked until the alert is posted.
  11. It seems odd that a duplicant will be constantly woken by someone snoring, but is not at all phased by an operating rock crusher right next to their bed. Adding applicable noise levels to items and having duplicants react to it could add another twist to the game. Creating a waterfall could be soothing and add to moral, for example, while the operation of machinery could subtract from it. This could also be worked into duplicant traits. For example, "deep sleeper" could make them immune to noise and light pollution, while "light sleeper" or "super hearing" would increase the distance you must keep between their bed and noise or light sources.
  12. What if you increase the priority of your farm tiles?
  13. Kinda klunky, but you can build a liquid reservoir, fill it, then deconstruct it. You will be left with a 5t bottle of whatever liquid you filled it with. And if you fill it with multiple liquids, you get a bottle for each one. Seems silly and may even be considered an exploit and "fixed" later, but for now, it works. Super handy when you want to pump out a small pool in the middle of nowhere but don't want to run miles of pipe...
  14. For some reason my duplicants keep getting attacked and take damage when there is nothing around. You can see below Joshua is "fleeing combat" and has taken damage but there is nothing anywhere near him. I have never seen this before, but it seems to be happening quite a lot in this colony. This is my first colony with native pokeshells, which I have left to wander around. They are nowhere near the affected duplicants, but could they be the cause? Every time I get the alert I immediately pause the game and click on it so I can see what happened, and every time, I find a duplicant with nothing anywhere near them. Sometimes even in my base... Does it take a really long time for the "fleeing" alert to sound? If so, I guess it is possible that they were attacked a long way away and are now cowering somewhere "safe." Any ideas?
  15. If the output pipe of an aquatuner is broken, it will run continuously, as shown in the picture below: