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  1. Got this at the end of Cycle 17 of a new game since Breath of Fresh Air update. All 14 affected files were save files. I suspect it was compressing them or something and triggered Acronis. Whitelisted ONI and it's good to go, but thought I would mention it... Misca
  2. Do you have any "Downtime" time blocks in their schedule?
  3. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
  4. Holy cow, you are cooking those poor duplicants! I also confirmed that the problem is the lack of power to your atmo suit docks.
  5. I finally caught this happening. It was a pokeshell attacking. Turns out it takes a full 6-7 seconds from the time a duplicant gets attacked until the alert is posted.
  6. What if you increase the priority of your farm tiles?
  7. For some reason my duplicants keep getting attacked and take damage when there is nothing around. You can see below Joshua is "fleeing combat" and has taken damage but there is nothing anywhere near him. I have never seen this before, but it seems to be happening quite a lot in this colony. This is my first colony with native pokeshells, which I have left to wander around. They are nowhere near the affected duplicants, but could they be the cause? Every time I get the alert I immediately pause the game and click on it so I can see what happened, and every time, I find a duplicant with nothing anywhere near them. Sometimes even in my base... Does it take a really long time for the "fleeing" alert to sound? If so, I guess it is possible that they were attacked a long way away and are now cowering somewhere "safe." Any ideas?
  8. If the output pipe of an aquatuner is broken, it will run continuously, as shown in the picture below:
  9. No, Sharra, I think you are incorrect. I believe this is an oversight. Consider this. If I have a plant that is ready for harvest, and I turn off the water, its growth status will change to halted. Following your logic, I should still be able to harvest it, but I can't. My duplicants will ignore the harvest directive, but will continue to otherwise tend to it forever, wasting tons of resources in the process. This is a bug. Plain and simple.
  10. When a plant's growth is halted due to temperature, pressure, lack of water, moon phase, or whatever else, it should not consume resources. Further, dups shouldn't continue to fertilize or farmer's touch plants that are not growing. Here you can see Joshua continuing to deliver dirt to Mealwood plants that have been halted for quite some time.
  11. I will not only confirm this bug, but refer you to my post on it a month ago:
  12. The temperature of the environment doesn't seem to affect elements when only a small amount ( less than 1 g maybe? ) is present. I discovered this when I noticed a lot of conveyor carts continuously cycling through my vat of cooling oil. As you can see in the picture, there is 586 degree gold amalgam staying at temperature despite being submerged in a vast vat of 54 degree crude oil. Every example I have found have been less than 1g. Here is the same packet of gold amalgam a few seconds later. As you can see it is still at the same temperature: This, of course, also begs the question, why are my dups picking up mg and in some cases mcg quantities of metal? But let's focus on getting the temperature effects working properly first.... Thanks, Misca