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  1. Interesting, thanks. So far, I have never used a mod, but maybe it's time to try one!
  2. With the Breath of Fresh Air update, food spoilage has become a major problem in the game. Not only does food kept in a refrigerator, in a sterile environment still spoil (contrary to the release notes), but my duplicants seem to take random-aged food from the fridge, adding to the problem. In my most recent colony, I have tried creating only 1 fridge, powered, and located deep in CO2 territory, and I maintain just enough mushroom plants to keep up with food demand, so as long as food was eaten in a first-in-first-out fashion, there should never be spoilage, yet there's the alert... Again and again... Food has decayed. What food? Well, Fried Mushrooms, of course. Since there is no way to force duplicants to eat the oldest food first, I am calling this a defect. Please implement a policy where the oldest food in the fridge that the dup goes to, gets taken first. And if you can extend that to the oldest food in all fridges, that would be even better, but for now I'm keeping my expectations low...
  3. The "manual" doesn't specify how much water a waterweed needs to be sitting in, but it appears that if a small amount of water bubbles up and reaches for the sky, as it seems to do, the waterweed plant will complain about being too wet. You can see in the screenshot below, the upset waterweed is sitting in only 156,5 grams of salt water: But the one 2 tiles away, which is sitting in 180.1 grams of salt water is as happy as can be. Seems like a bug...
  4. This is still happening even after the latest update, and is getting really annoying. When are we going to see a fix for this? One interesting aspect of this is that sometimes it is obvious that the intended action on the other side of the door is completed while the duplicant is standing waiting to get through. Other times, the duplicant will drop what they were carrying and give up. Note that this is not a 2-duplicant problem as described in the original post. I see 1 duplicant get hung up all the time. Interestingly, on many occasions, I have seen 1 duplicant hung up, and another walk right through without issue, while the original duplicant remains frozen.
  5. If a gas reservoir is filled and the input pipe is deconstructed, it will no longer empty: As soon as a single pipe section is built on the input port, it starts flowing again:
  6. When reporting volumes the decimal increments .8, .9, .10, .0, .1. I witnessed it as the volume of crude oil in the screenshot below was increasing. Looking around, I see it elsewhere like here in salt water: And it also appears in gas volumes: It also appears to affect solids and decreasing decimals as seen in this screenshot: Misca
  7. Got this at the end of Cycle 17 of a new game since Breath of Fresh Air update. All 14 affected files were save files. I suspect it was compressing them or something and triggered Acronis. Whitelisted ONI and it's good to go, but thought I would mention it... Misca
  8. Do you have any "Downtime" time blocks in their schedule?
  9. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
  10. Holy cow, you are cooking those poor duplicants! I also confirmed that the problem is the lack of power to your atmo suit docks.
  11. I finally caught this happening. It was a pokeshell attacking. Turns out it takes a full 6-7 seconds from the time a duplicant gets attacked until the alert is posted.
  12. What if you increase the priority of your farm tiles?
  13. For some reason my duplicants keep getting attacked and take damage when there is nothing around. You can see below Joshua is "fleeing combat" and has taken damage but there is nothing anywhere near him. I have never seen this before, but it seems to be happening quite a lot in this colony. This is my first colony with native pokeshells, which I have left to wander around. They are nowhere near the affected duplicants, but could they be the cause? Every time I get the alert I immediately pause the game and click on it so I can see what happened, and every time, I find a duplicant with nothing anywhere near them. Sometimes even in my base... Does it take a really long time for the "fleeing" alert to sound? If so, I guess it is possible that they were attacked a long way away and are now cowering somewhere "safe." Any ideas?
  14. If the output pipe of an aquatuner is broken, it will run continuously, as shown in the picture below: