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Tiles "Disappearing" but Still Visible

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Caught red handed: https://youtu.be/j1rt3YhfFHM

Save file/logs attached. Cannot correlate with other causal variables. Latest testing build as of posting date.

Upon reload, problematic tiles revert to normal, functional state. Then, after seemingly identical duration of time elapses, identical problem occurs (same tiles, same time in cycle). 

Let me know if I can provide anything else to help out...

Needy Abyss.sav

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I am having the exact same issue: the tile turns brightly-colored (even when it's not selected) and starts acting like a mesh tile. I'd attach a save file, but it's too large (just shy of 32MB). I am using a few mods, but the only one involved in the build pictured is Gigawatt Wire, and I can't see any reason for that to cause this issue. The wiring doesn't even run through the tile in question, and it's just a 5KW capacity wire. This also happened in my LOX setup, which is identical except the temperature settings. It also happens the exact same amount of (in-game) time after loading the save.

...On further thought, this also happened in my sour gas condenser, and it's always happening on the furthest-right tiles between the the top and bottom chambers. The material of the insulating tiles doesn't seem to matter; this has happened with mafic rock, ceramic (pictured), obsidian, and even a double-layer with the top insulated tiles made of insulation and the lower layer bunker tiles. If I recall correctly, the bunker tile "failed" first, and then the insulated tile above it failed. The bunker tile was essentially inside the sour gas condensing chamber...I'll just grab another screenshot showing the setup, though I don't think I'll be "luck y" enough to catch it failing again. I've drawn where the bunker tiles were; they were an attempt to prevent exactly this problem and...well. Complete failure, so I ended up deconstructing them. There's absolutely nothing passing through the failure tiles here.


I don't have a screenshot of it, but in the LH2 setup, the H2 starts flashing from liquid to gas and back again when I re-enable the aquatuner. The LH2 will "bead" off of the insulated tile "roof" sometimes, and the moment it beads off that top-right tile, the tile fails. Not when it beads off the right sidewall, but only off of the top.

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There seems to be a new bug where liquid flaking destroys the tiles above.


Liquid flaking is simply a mechanism in which when a liquid touches a hot tile, it instantly evaporates 5 kg, ignoring thermal conductivity.
See here for more information on flaking.

So, 5kg of gas is generated by liquid flaking, but it seems to be a bug that if there is a tile there, it will be destroyed.
In the OP case, liquid oxygen touches the relatively warm insulating tile on the right side near the ceiling, causing flaking, and the gaseous oxygen generated there destroys the metal tile above.



This is my guess, but it's probably a new bug that's caused by fixing this bug in the test branch.

  • Fixed partial heat transfer increasing energy and flaking fountain


By the way, this new bug seems to be able to be destroyed even with neutronium tiles.


As far as I know, this is the second way to destroy neutronium in survival mode. (One of the methods is this or this.)


One more thing, I said that a bug "destroys" the tile, but it's probably "pushing out" to be exact.
If the surroundings are set to vacuum, it seems that there are cases where only the contents are pushed out and moved without destroying the tiles. (However, the direction in which the tiles are extruded may be random, so I'm not sure if this can be controlled intentionally.)



Well, I'm not sure what it is anymore, but anyway, this bug causes unintended tile destruction and I hope it will be fixed.

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I can confirm. Disabling the aquatuner, and thereby preventing O2 liquidization, changes the outcome (does not "destroy" the tile). I'm sure they'll get a fix in for this :)

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