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Tile has weird texture when sand droped into plan

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I have plan for the tile and my duplicant diged something up the plan and sand droped into the plan. Game then show this weird graphic.


When water touch it, the texture changed to:


Here is save for you. bug2.sav

Edit: put different save file, but looks like game repaired the bug by itself.

Steps to Reproduce

Just plan a tile and let sand droped into the plan.

User Feedback

Having similar from time to time, but with me it was always relative to pressure plate and liquid.


I also remember this bug to be there on following plates (even it's not the case in the screenshot)


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This has been around for a long time. I think it may be a graphical/rendering issue?

I'm on the current test build now (CS-440073) and it's still here:

Before mining out the block below sand:


And after:


Note also how the air seems to stop around it the graphics seems to render it as if it were vacuum. Also, any items that were where the sand fell still show even though they should convert to "buried objects".

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