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  1. This is a well-known issue with puddle-locks in Vanilla too, Off-gassing materials such as Oxylite and Polluted Dirt, as well as Dupes with the Flatulent trait, can generate gas on the tile the puddle is on and force it to move; a small enough puddle with no adjacent neighbours of the same material type will end up deleted outright when this happens. If you expect to be transporting offgassing materials or a Flatulent dupe through the lock you absolutely need to fill the lock with liquid so that the "puddles" are more than about 1800g. If you need a vacuum inside the lock for thermal protection, you'll need to make two separate pool-locks and use the space between them for your vacuum. I should also note that, in case you missed it, the DLC Oxygen Masks don't block CO2 exhalation, which might be able to also cause puddle deletion, and ABSOLUTELY causes vacuum "contamination" (source: I did this by accident when trying to use the Masks to mine some Lead and Crude Oil out of the second planetoid).
  2. I've had this twice this week as well. First one happened the day this build first arrived in Test branch, and the second time happened today just a bit ago: A problem occurred while generating a world from this seed: SWMP-C-1922759050-0 Please try again with a different seed. Unsure if this also happened to you - I noticed when I went back to try again with a new random seed (without closing the game), the main-menu BGM persisted during gameplay (I could hear both musics playing simultaneously, the menu BGM was much louder than the game BGM though). This didn't happen when I closed and reopened the save. I also noticed that it didn't happen when
  3. First things first: This is in DLC not base game, they have a separate Bug Tracker forum for us players to make reports related to the DLC in, here: Feel free to add the following screenshots I've taken, which help illustrate this: 1) the seeds bunch together into a 4kg "food ball" that is twice as big as the 10kg one Algae makes: 2) while Pacus will only eat half as often from the seed feeder, their "ate from a feeder" bonus lasts only as long as the one for eating Algae, meaning they actually *gain back* about 4-5% wildness in the gap between the expiry and their next feeding. This, along with the gap itself, is why it takes almost 20 cycles to tame a pacu off of a feeder that uses seeds. Oh also, when I closed and reopened, my seed feeder refused to load in a "food ball" at all, even after unpausing. the feeder shows it has a fractional amount of seed out, so maybe that's why?
  4. Hydroponic Tiles have a "disable" option to prevent supplying them, for when you know you don't have one or more fertilization materials left. I'd guess that's all they're going to do about this, unfortunately...
  5. Decimals (possibly when >0.95) for some reason round to 0.10 instead of, say, 1.0. This is most obvious with sublimating materials like Polluted Water or Oxylite, but it happens with all materials as far as I can tell, so it's likely an issue with the tooltip. The tooltip seems to be the only one affected by this, the Status panel shows the correct quantity: Timelapse of this happening:
  6. I've seen this too, though no recordings anymore to showcase it. That "glow" around the tiles marks them as affected by this; anything can go through them in this state, even Duplicants! (I originally thought this was something the game did specifically to prevent dupes getting blocked, when it happened to me). It seemed like loading fixed it for me.
  7. Last time on Falling Sand: Sand (or any similar "collapsing" solid such as Snow or Regolith) can fall into tiles that a blueprint is on, but for some reason get rendered as Vacuum instead. Any debris that was on the tile will remain visible on the tile, though the game does mark the tile with a "buried object" flag. As well, liquids trying to flow into the tile cause weird visual distortions... The tale of the falling sand continues with Mud and Polluted Mud now: Will the dastardly bug be fixed? Will Falling Sand and her true love be reunited? Tune in next time!
  8. So I thought this was a joke but it's true. Had the same issue, and it turns out it's because Pacus can now eat seeds too... guess it's a use for those 263 spare Mealwood seeds finally!
  9. Always check the Errands tab for the building, sometimes the errand isn't the type you think it is! (and can vouch, this *is* how it has been for a long time! I've made this mistake a few times myself!) Ranching Supply (Critter Feeders) is actually a Ranching task, not a Storage/Supply one like you'd think. Probably to "help" people who lock their Suppliers out of the Ranch like you just did. Meanwhile, Cooking Supply (Microbe Musher, Electric Grill, Gas Range) is actually both Cooking *and* Supply, taking the higher priority when calculating: For good measure I'm including the Fabrication Supply one here too, which is Operating/Supply:
  10. This has been around for a long time. I think it may be a graphical/rendering issue? I'm on the current test build now (CS-440073) and it's still here: Before mining out the block below sand: And after: Note also how the air seems to stop around it the graphics seems to render it as if it were vacuum. Also, any items that were where the sand fell still show even though they should convert to "buried objects".
  11. They're including Cloud Save support in the next patch, sometime in the next few weeks. Likely had to make that checkbox available in the menu for everyone. If you check the Betas tab, you can opt in to a Test build for the upcoming update, which for now seems to be the only version of the game that actually supports Cloud Saves. They'll have it in the main build stream soon, hopefully? Case in point - I'm running the test build myself, and I'm seeing non-zero synced data.
  12. My longest two games in Launch have both triggered this as well, *and* the crash reporter crashing in both cases. I'm including the ZIP file from my Crashes folder, output_log from my most recent crash, and my DxDiag output for good measure. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  13. Still a thing in the current Release build. Given that items where the sand fell to are clearly still visible it looks like it`s just failing to recognise that the sand fell there.
  14. Initial testing of the issue in a custom game: Test 1: single bait pot in a room: did not crash immediately Test 2: 1 shine nymph, 1 pot:nymph eats the bait successfully, this is a happy little nymph! Test 3: multiple shinebugs: This triggered the crash. all 5 of these bugs were drawn to the bait, continuing to it even once the first one ate it. As soon as the second one arrived to the place the bait was, it crashed. I canèt find my log file, and it still won't send reports. I'll take a look at why that is as well.
  15. I am trying to lure Shine Bugs into a berry farm using the new Critter Bait item, but almost immediately after I made it the game crashed. This has happened twice, then I made a test run to replicate the error. I don't use recording tools so the screenshots are all I can offer. 1. have Shine Bugs. 2. Build an AIrborne Critter Bait pot. 3. T-3 seconds 4. And start! As soon as the Shine Bugs arrived at the Bait it disappeared, and the game crashed. (I was having issues with my firewall so it didn't send the report, I'll get one sent in a bit now that I've also figured that part out...) I'll make a custom game to test this issue out further.