Thimbled reed can be planted in farm tiles, but not in planter boxes

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Thimble reed seeds can't be planted in planter boxe, even if we can in standard farm tiles. :(


Steps to Reproduce
Build a planter box

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I tested this.  Apparently "Thimble Reed" is not an option with a planter box.  I didn't notice any other "grows upwards" plants that were missing from the list.

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Planter boxes do not get the AddDepositTag(GameTags.WaterSeed). So it was intentionally split into 2 catergories (the other being GameTags.CropSeed). Arguably farm tiles should work like planter boxes, but instead get the same tags as hydro tiles.

Btw, the GameTags.WaterSeed include Thimble Reed and Waterweed.

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