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Thermo Aquatuner useless since it can't be made of steel

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I thought that I had found a good use of the thermo-aquatuner:  it takes 5x more power then a thermo-regulator, but most liquids have less specific heat than most gasses, making it less efficient, but not polluted water.  With polluted water, the thermo-aquatuner is more energy efficient cooling it so I thought I could make a closed loop of cool polluted water going around my base to absorb heat, then dump it into petroleum on the way to the generator.  The problem is that even with two diamond temp shift plates to help distribute heat to a coil of radiant fluid heat pipes, even a gold amalgam aquatuner overheats within one or two seconds.  I thought OK, so make it out of steel so it can handle the high heat.  You can't; it can only be made of base unrefined metals.  The only way this building can be used is either if it were made of steel, or if you limit the flow of water into it to small units at a time, which would then render it far less energy efficient than a thermo-regulator cooling a full payload of hydrogen.


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I have the exact same setup that you describe and my aquatuner does not overheat. Do you have yours under 2 full squares of petroleum?

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Thermo regulator uses 1kg of hydrogen(2.4 specific heat capacity) per tick and cools it 14c for 240 w. That is 1kgx2.4x14c = 33.6W of heat transfer

Aquatuner uses 10kg of polluted water(6) per tick and cools it 14c for 1200 w. That is 10kgx6x14c = 840w of heat transfer

5 thermo regulators are worth one aquatuner in power consumption. 25 thermo regulators are worth one aquatuner in heat transfer. So aquatuner is 5 times as efficient ad thermo regulators. Aquatuner can be submerged in liquids and still run. With that amount of heat transfer you need to have it submerged or it will overheat.

The game atm doesnt tell you that the aquatuner can be submerged and its obe of the few buildings that can be. There should be some sort of mention which buildings can be submerged(like the "dupe operation" on valves and oil refinery) to make this kind of things easier to understand

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Oh, I thought they both used 1 kg of mass at a time, so regular water would be 5x the heat transfer as hydrogen and polluted water makes it more efficient than thermo regulators.  It really won't flood?  How weird. I guess I just need to submerge it in petrol instead of trying to pipe it by.  It would still be nice if you could make them out of steel though to get a higher overheat temp.


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