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Thermal Update - Sanitizer Emits Chlorine

  • Known Issue

I don't think it's supposed to? It doesn't say it emits Chlorine, like how other devices list they emit carbon dioxide or Hydrogen

Basically I built a hand sanitizer station. All the Bleach Stone I had went into it.

And...i began finding chlorine pockets in my base, emitting from its room. So i can only deduce that the bleach stone in the hand sanitizer station is making chorline, which seems counter productive if it's been refined into hand sanitizer, and not raw bleach stone

i constructed one in a completely enclosed room, and chlorine began forming once more


Steps to Reproduce
Build a hand sanitizer station. Watch for chlorine pockets to begin to invade your base

User Feedback

it has produced chlorine for the last couple patches and bleach in storage will also slowly breakdown into chlorine in storage boxes as well

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Has it? 

I can understand raw bleach stone emitting chlorine, but why does hand sanitizer? -.- makes it bloody useless to me because i have no way to get rid of chlorine out of my base without building some complex gas piping system specifically for that purpose. Seems more worth my time and resources to just not use hand sanitizer at all and let them have grimy hands =/ 

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There are ways of dealing with chlorine.  

If you aren't on the experimental patch, then you can simply build a gas pump that leads into a hydrogen generator.  Hydrogen generators destroy everything that's pumped into it before experimental edition.  

After the experimental edition, the best way of dealing with it would either be to pump it into some room you don't care about, or keep a few of those squid monsters around.  They turn chlorine into contaminated oxygen.  

Finally, you can do what I do and just dig a really deep hole beneath them at the bottom of your base and let all the carbon dioxide and chlorine drop in.  

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I'm on experimental xD

But that just seems like a lot of needless work just so they can have clean hands, so i'll just demolish the thing.

Maybe it should be 'suggestion' in title instead of 'bug'....i mean, hand sanitizer today doesn't poison the air around us. I'm completely fine with the resource doing so, but...why the finished product? I just don't get why it's necessary to have something simple like hand sanitizer gradually releasing poison into your base's atmosphere


and IMO it should SAY it emits Chlorine if it stays this way, just like how others say they emit Hydrogen or Contaminated Oxygen. Right now it doesn't say that, so people will build it without those chlorine safe guards like i did, because we didn't know.

Edited by Jynn

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