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  1. I have no idea why it stops working, but I should have a perfect setup for it. It has a huge lineup of hydrogen waiting at the regulators, they have power, they have outputs, they have everything. They were working for awhile, but after doing something else I came back to find them stopped. The Penny-Savers.sav
  2. I have the same problem. If something cuts off the water intake, the dup will stop showering and the progress bar will halt. Then when the water starts running again, anyone can enter and finish the previous dups shower.
  3. I thought memory leaks only get fixed if the entire program gets turned off.
  4. I don't know if that will help, my base is massive and it hasn't happened in awhile. I'm cycle 313. I've actually been ignoring the problem whenever it came up since it only happened once in a blue moon and could be fixed simply by saving and loading. I never bothered posting because I don't know how to recreate the problem. Land Where THAT Colony Happened.sav
  5. I had this problem too. It happens when you deconstruct and rebuild part of a gas pipe system. You fix it by saving then loading.
  6. okay check your pipes. Do you have anything other than polluted water being pumped into them? I had a similar problem with the hydrogen generator, you aren't allowed to pump liquids not meant for the purifier.
  7. Are you sure this shouldn't be moved to standard yet? I think this is more stable than the normal at this point. The only real downside to playing thermal update is that it's a lot easier. Mainly because not so many things are broken...
  8. Are you sure you aren't sending other gasses than hydrogen to it? Hydrogen generator only accepts hydrogen and if any other gasses are mixed in, it damages it. Thus you need a gas filter or a VERY dense hydrogen field to pump from.
  9. If they fixed diseases so they actually do something. But right now, I've explored every side to the very edge of the map without even putting clothing on them and I haven't lost a single dup. The only time I even felt pressured was when I was digging into the lava zone at 1000 degrees celsius. But I only had to use the rejeuvenator a bit for that.
  10. Yea, I posted about the Steel Door <Do Not Translate> bug earlier. Glad to see there are other people reporting it. I've had this happen twice now.
  11. I heard about this bug on Markipliers video, but I couldn't reproduce it myself. I figured it was probably some variation of the CO2 bug where CO2 causes temperature changes to be several times more extreme than normal, but I couldn't get it to work. Everywhere I tried, the temperature just changed by like a degree or two. If it did work, I was going to use it to liquify all my CO2 and chlorine, but .... If someone has some specific steps to use to reproduce this?
  12. There are a lot of things that can cause something like this, which is probably why that guy's asking for a screen. 1)Is clean water going to the GREEN INPUT. 2) Is a pipe going from the WHITE OUTPUT to a liquid vent? 3) Is there any other liquids other than clean water inside the input pipe? 4) Are all the pipes built? Same with the liquid vent? 5) Does everything have power? Pump, air scrubber?
  13. I remember this one, was this happening in thermal update as well? I was never sure of this, so I never posted it.
  14. I was deconstructing an old manual airlock that I'd placed horizontally and it turned into a Steel Door <Do Not Translate> I deconstructed then mined it to get it to this state of being a Steel Door<Do Not Translate> material.
  15. It's a similar problem with ice and hot water. I dropped thousands of kilograms of ice into sizzling hot water fresh from the geyser and the temperature is going down by like .1 degrees celsius every cycle.