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[thermal exp]Food store mechanics.

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I use passive mechanics to prevent food to spoil. Even with food at -12C and ration box with status refrigerated this process occurs. Every new food put to ration box have 'spoil ratio' and temperature of food already put in it. This lead to spoil everything in it if dupes don't take all food from it. 

To prevent this I moved food to second ration box near it (close temperature).
Food put in the ration box have reseted temperature (about 18-20C) and different spoil ratio. But doing this again (taking food back to first box) I get near same food spoil ratio at first box and reseted temperature too.

Spoil ratio is ration box attribute ? :(

Can we have more complex system there? Food is precious now :)


Steps to Reproduce
Put 2 ration box each other in cold biom. Set same priority (eg.6). Put some food in one. W8. Change priority to 5 on box with food - watch moving food to another. Reverse priority. (back to 6 on first and at seccond to 5)

User Feedback

Spoilage is on the food stack.
Freshness is added back by adding a larger number of fresh food than the older food already in there.
Basic mixture algebra.

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