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The "Seed Chance" bonus for the "Agriculture" skill does not seem to work

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Seed chance does not seem to change even if we improve "agriculture" skill.


Steps to Reproduce

See the topic

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User Feedback

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23 hours ago, Sanchozz said:

please attach your save file

I'm sorry. I thought it's unnecessary because it's already uploaded to the referenced topic.
It's the same, but I'll attach it here just in case.

This is a save file.


"Before" is the save data when the test preparation was completed, and "after" is the save data when the five harvest tests were completed.

As far as I can remember, the few user actions I've taken between before and after are:
 - The schedule was divided into two.
 - Large amount of oxylite tiles were placed outside the farm to secure oxygen.
 - We blocked the outer space with Neutronium so that oxygen would not escape.
Other than that, I probably didn't do anything else.

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