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The game is telling me that a spacecraft is ready to land, but there is not

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I'm a scum saver, I tend to play the same cycle again if I can think of a way to play it better. I've had game developers tell me that they wouldn't fix bugs related to loading saves, because they didn't want people do it, and if you feel that way, fine.

I have no idea if this is related to this but I did replay a cycle where a ship (first ship for me) was landing 0.3 cycles in. I didn't make a new save, I just reloaded from the beginning, and later I reloaded and replayed the previous cycle and kept going from there.

You see the result in the screen shot, whatever the reason. My ship is landed, and yet a ship is coming, and it's oddly named. This has persisted after the ship was re-launched.

I fiddled around with this and it comes and goes, but the "savegame" business is a pretty big clue that something somewhere has been kicked in the head.


Steps to Reproduce
See description.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Same Problem here.

  • The Ready to land "stacks" the savegame messages, every time a rocket lands
  • It disapperars, when you load a game
  • When the rocket returns, it does not wait for bunker doors to be opened - it directly lands, destroying bunker doors and gantry. setting up a scanner dont change anything, because the rocket always lands immediatly
  • I though that this particular colony/savegame is broken (my first with rocketry) and started a new game. Sadly, i got exactly the same problem there. I made a savegame before i startet the first rocket, just in case. But that did not help, the problem is always there, regardless what i do
  • In contrast to Brucemo, i did not reload any savegames or redid any cycles (or at least it's so far back, that i don't remeber it anymore)

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