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I keep having this bug in game where every once in awhile, dead dupes will "lash out". The lash out prompt pops up and upon hovering over it it will say the name of your dead dupes and clicking the pop up will drag you to their corpses. Kind of morbid, kind of funny. However, if you save your game, go to main menu, and resume game, it stops it. I made the mistake of exiting the game so if anyone finds this bug, could you post a picture for the devs? 

Steps to Reproduce
Not entirely sure, I've had dupes die before without this happening, but 3 in a row suffocating apparently made them angry. I think it may just be a random bug that happens upon unburied dupes deaths once in awhile. I haven't seen it happen to buried dupes.
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I'd lash also if someone would led me to death. So is it a bug? Or a feature? :D

You can do zombie-dupe lashing out!

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Quite possibly related it keeps informing me of dead dupes' causes of death as though they are still occuring - this happens at random even after they've been dead a while. I think it is limited to corpses that are out in the open, though, not buried ones.

Ex. "Slimelung" on the notifications, mousing over it might say "Ellie has contracted Slimelung from breathing Polluted Oxygen." when Ellie is actually dead at the bottom of a shaft someplace since several cycles ago.

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