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  1. Oh my god liquid and gas storage will revolutionize my everything, and that's not even the focus of this pile of content. Also, cows are awesome, so I am excited to find space cows.
  2. Quite possibly related it keeps informing me of dead dupes' causes of death as though they are still occuring - this happens at random even after they've been dead a while. I think it is limited to corpses that are out in the open, though, not buried ones. Ex. "Slimelung" on the notifications, mousing over it might say "Ellie has contracted Slimelung from breathing Polluted Oxygen." when Ellie is actually dead at the bottom of a shaft someplace since several cycles ago.
  3. This also intermittently happens to the dupe "portraits" while loading them on screens such as "Consumables" and "Priorities" with ~20ish dupes (at least on my machine, a less beefy one might do it with less). Luckily in that situation it seems to be a placeholder until the portraits are created and/or loaded (might I recommend caching them with a dirty flag to avoid recreating them if there isn't already?).
  4. When the Steam version came out, I'd assumed it would be a desktop version of the Chrome version, i.e., one of Google's "Desktop Web App" things. Judging by the bugs being different for each version much of the time, etc., I imagine it may not be. I was wondering, as a fellow coder, how IS this set up? I imagine it's not a totally different codebase, so how does it work? Thanks for indulging my curiosity. LOVE this game. :3
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Huge Lag-Spikes At Random In This Build Steps to reproduce 1. Play Game 2. Wait Random ~15m 3. Experience Lag Describe your issue Machine is not the issue. Had zero speed issues until this build. Happens at random, seemingly no cause - during the day, the night, the transition, doesn't matter. Also doesn't matter what I'm doing. It freezes for maybe 5 seconds solid and then resumes where I left off - no time passes. I was unable to find the version number (oddly, I know I've seen it before), but it was the current build as of 12/1/12. I'm unsure if it matters, but I had just reached day 50 - I doubt it's relevant, but you never know.. Edit: There are also sometimes "patches" of slowdown, but not that freezes anything up. I'm not as concerned with this, but it's probably from the same cause.
  6. It does save your researched things (and XP/unlocked chars).
  7. Unique resources and unique monsters during rain would be a cool mechanic. You'd have to "brave the storm" and go out among powerful enemies to gather resources that you can't get otherwise for higher-tier things. :3