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[Testing] Game crashes very often

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Dupe

While this is not a specific bug report, I would like to mention that the game now crashes very, very frequently. For the latest crash-series I have been unable to find out what the root-cause is, hence I currently had to stop playing. Sure, I have a complex base, but at least in Preview Branch, the crashes slowly become game-breaking. 

I would suggest investing quite a bit of time in reducing crashes before making this the Live Branch.

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game in Preview Branch.

User Feedback

Sure and thank you. The attached game crashes within about 1 minute or so.


Just saw 

 is now a known issue. This one here may or may not be related, as it seems I can delay the crash by keeping dupes completely away from the surface-Regolith. 

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Yep, these are in fact the same - we're hunting down this issue but I'm leaving the regolith one open since it is the most reliable repro. Thanks!

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