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Terrain penetrating Igneous rock spikes on game load

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

In a save file where my thermal power generator created a large number of 25T piles of igneous rock which eventually entombed in solidified igneous rock, upon loading a pillar of igneous rock was created piercing/phasing through obsidian, abyssallite and my cooling reservoir. The save did not have this precondition on the previous version so I cannot confirm if this is patch specific. 1252259206_Igneousrockspike.thumb.jpg.5f3113a79561c33d05d7830ea207f16e.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

Create a large pile of multiple 25T piles solid material and entomb it in a solid block, save and reload. Liquid in the screenshots is irrelevant, as is temperature. Save files have been primed to show the spike upon load (spike forms after a brief delay, after loading but before time passes1557123467_Hydrogenreproduction.thumb.jpg.74c43662c60478ad532f2692990c4743.jpg). 


Before 1.jpg

Before 2.jpg

Future Spacejunk.sav Future Spacejunk Another.sav

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User Feedback

if they would fix that then allot current methods may not work anymore, this is item lifting what been in game sometime now

usually for that used the robo-miner if it starts lift up the materials

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