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Steam turbine deletes steam

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Here is an auto save back from cycle 747 where I had this nice steam turbine setup going to delete heat from the metal refinery and as an added bonus, use the power generated to run a steel aquatuner to cool the base.  It worked great for a good 10 cycles, when it lost pressure, and I noticed gas had been deleted.  It turns out there was a small pocket of polluted oxygen floating around, which people on the forums say leads to gas deletion, even though I swear when I sealed the room, there was nothing but oxygen in there.  I then added pure oxygen from the electrolyzer and water from the steam vent until the pressure was high enough ( ~25kg ) and let them fight with the oxygen mostly trapped at the top, but sometimes poking down to get the turbine to see low pressure oxygen on top and high pressure steam on the bottom.  A run of steel in the refinery would kick the heat over 500 F to toggle on the turbine, let it run for a good while powering the aquatuner to help add more heat, and eventually shut off at 455 F.  This went on and off nearly a dozen times before I noticed the gas deletion.  9 cycles later, the gas pressure is down to only ~16kg of steam and oxygen.


Screenshot from 2018-10-21 21-31-14.png

The Radioactive Panotpicon 6 Cycle 747.sav

The Radioactive Panopticon.sav

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To the best of my knowledge, if anything is locked in place and blocking any one of the top 5 tiles (output ports), that's what causes steam to be deleted. That's why hydrogen/oxygen, without 1 tile above the turbine, causes steam deletion. An extra tile of PO2 that gets trapped between O2 and steam would cause the same thing.  The deletion rate seems to be connected to the number of blocked ports on the turbine. @Saturnus and I discuss this at lengths in the following post (the link takes you to the start of the discussion).  Tons of snapshots, designs, and tests to see exactly what causes the issue.  Our best guess now is that the steam deletion rate is directly proportional to the number of blocked ports. 


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