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Somewhat broken generation of abyssalite barrier in the oil biome

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Usually with the abyssalite barrier below the oil biome there is a colder upper layer and the lower tiles are hot:


But in 1-3 places there are sections where the tile in contact with the oil biome is super hot, which causes the oil there to flash to petroleum or sour gas. It will also cook the stone over time:


I know there are some weird mechanics going on there that aren't classical heat transfer. But that's not the point. This wouldn't happen if the barrier were properly generated in the first place

What I've also seen sometimes now is straight up pockets of magma on the wrong side, which causes even more heat and the lead to melt in some cases. This is probably the same mechanic that sometimes causes bits of one biome to appear in another. Like a few tiles of algae or slime in an ice biome:



I've also encountered the spawned POI in the oil biome breaking the barrier, but that's something that happens in general

Steps to Reproduce
Generate a new map and reveal it. Check the barrier between the oil and magma biomes. Start with pockets of petroleum and then turn on the temperature map mode to find the hot tiles in direct contact with rock or oil

User Feedback

Not that one. But I revealed quite a few maps and this happens on pretty much all of them in some form (assuming they aren't frozen core, irregular oil, or something like that). Just pick a random Terra map and you should be able to see the first issue described

I just picked SNDST-A-189671596-9G at random you can see both the hot upper layer (on the left edge) and magma above the abyssalite in three(!) places

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