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  1. When I try to type a number in the Signal Counter, the respecting building menu for that number opens and the number doesn’t appear in the text field of the sensor. Sometimes it works on second try.
  2. [Game Update] - 395929

    Does anybody miss an (additional) 1x1 version of the Pixel Pack? You could make screens that have a certain shape. And it might help a lot if you just want to build colored background walls with them (idk, Just thinking) Deconstruct its dock
  3. Isn’t it supposed to work together with the auto-sweeper?
  4. The Tube Crossings would be a new building that sucks sweepys in. Just thinking! Not sure if there’s actually a need for something that allows them to reach different floors…
  5. Sweepy and Weight Plate

    Weight Plate doesn’t recognize Sweepy
  6. I wish Sweepy wouldn’t be tied to it’s dock but instead would use any dock available to recharge.
  7. Bottle Emptier automatically checks all, so newly discovered liquids will be delivered too, even if you checked only one liquid
  8. Anybody else getting wrong space scanner quality? Sometimes they are at 50-0% instead of 100% and when i reload it fixes it.
  9. ONI will not restart after changing mods

    same here!
  10. [Game Update] - 392118

    Zooming seems to be too sensitive (Mac). It almost immediately zooms in/out to the max. Edit: Sorry that’s probably a mod…
  11. I guess it would be nice if they would grow up in another space if available, and if not would just smash that tile and free themselves
  12. Beach Chair Preventing Sleep

    I have a feeling this also happens with hot tub and sauna
  13. Tummyless (No Hunger)

    (There are many similar bug reports already but I couldn’t find anthing with the tummyless tag.) My dupes suddenly stopped being hungry. Is there a way to fix this (e.g. via debug menu) because reloading doesn’t fix it for me. Took me some cycles to realize the bug and I don’t want to start over again
  14. same here. it can also happen with Packim Baggims after leaving the volcano and hopping to another world