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solid oxidizer tank loading/unloading bug

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For example, if I set the amount to be loaded to 200kg, and a moment later I reset it to 100kg. The dup will always first fill the tank with 200kg of oxylite, and then removing 100kg oxylite after. The point is that dupes will execute every single input that have been made to the tank; while they should be able to react to the realtime setting of the oxylite tank. 

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See above.
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a save and load seems to fix the bug, also good to mention that oxylite might offgas when dupes are delivering them, causing it to be a few grams short and cause them to deliver again, only to have it a bit short again over and over.

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Yes, I have had the issue yesterday that the solid oxidizer tank was completely empty although it was set to 1800kg. The message set "waiting for delivery 24.5mg of oxylite." As oxlite evaporates when carried there is no way the tank will ever get filled. :(

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My oxylite loading system is stuck on 11g... and the tank is stuck as 955.  And the oxylite pile which was 10Kg is now 3... Why is it not picking up the full amount?


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