Sight-seeing module does grant bonus on return and does not show passengers on rocket screen

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I've made some sight-seeing module for rockets just for fun, thinking they would boost morale/stats/stress as stated in the wiki.

Unfortunately, dupes return without the bonus and naturally stressed due to low morale, like rocket pilots generally do.

It appears the game does not record dupes as passengers as seen the following images and the attached save file.

Note how the modules are assigned, but the passengers do not appear on the rocket screen. It stays that way also after the rocket is launched.

Once the rocket comes back, dupes fall from the module and do not gain the related bonuses.



I Lava Two.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build rocket with sight-seeing module (without gantry). Assign dupes - should fly to the module. Look in rocket screen. Launch. On return, look for the buffs.

User Feedback



According to the source code, it seems sight-seeing module doesn't check if a gantry exist before unloading the dupe. ReleaseAstronaut is called immediately as the rocket lands, no giving enough time to even extend a gantry. Moreover, the buff is inside the conditional that the gantry exists and is extended.

Command module has a check for gantry (HasValidGantry) before calling ReleaseAstronaut. TouristModule is missing this check.

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Dupe reports, just doing some linky linky :)

Thanks for that info Soul-Burn, I hadn't looked at any code and assumed the issue was that the dupe in the sight-seeing module is unassigned from the module at landing, causing them to be ejected. Simply not having a gantry check in code would explain it nicely lol

If you leave the gantry extended during landing and let the rocket smash through it, the sight-seer can exit safely btw <3

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What happened to the quotes in this forum?
In my post there were completely different screenshots.


@outseekerĀ Please make a new bug report.
Klei usually doesn't read old bug reports.

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