Shove vole failing to climb forever

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

Shove voles (and dreckos) sometimes get locked up permanently trying to climb up.

There are some common elements of this lockup:

  • The critter is always trying to climb up
  • The critter drops down after climbing a single tile. The drop sound can be heard
  • The critter will not stop trying to climb until something forces them to perform a different action. Usually it means meteor in the face, but I think I saw one critter unlock itself to eat food.
  • (Not sure) Seems to happen more often on surface. I don't recall it happening to dreckos locked up in those small hydrogen/chlorine pockets. Related to meteors changing terrain?

I wanted to attach save, but the save got a different bug: the vole you see on screenshot got buried under regolith on save+load. This may be related to this bug.




Steps to Reproduce
Not sure, but it often happens by itself when there are voles on the surface.

User Feedback

It also happens when the shove vole is not at the surface


This one got stuck in the lobby. And even when duplicants go trhough the door, it still get stuck.



This one is in a small "cave" made of granite and mafic rocks20181024111634_1.thumb.jpg.5e55b751eaff890023a1f471bd51aded.jpg


Giving the save would not be usefull. Loading a game unstuck all shove voles. :)

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I just remember something important.

The first critter shown in my screen also seems to not "stick" to the roof of the lobby, where other shove vole can easely get out from there tunnel with head down.


So maybe they got short in glue. :p

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