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  1. Shove vole eat more that normal

    If his cal is 0 he will eat all until reach 48,000kcal if I remember correctly after that he will follow his daily cal consumption.
  2. Beside Solid-fuel-thruster seem to decrease travel distance instead of increasing it.
  3. Remove liquid on the ground and it should work fine now.
  4. Vanishing Astronaut

    Or adding auto unassign when rocket land / ability to use automation for assignment.
  5. SU-291640 Duplicants don't return suit

    Set clearance to "Always" would help.
  6. Jetsuit Duplicants Path off Side of Map

    They seem to teleport to other side off map when entering world border from other side. It happen to me too. I feel like this is not issue and feel realistic enough because asteroid are round, right?
  7. Same here it occur when output pipe broke then all excess coolant will be trapped. dupe still continue to operate even output pipe is broken causing hot coolant to built up.
  8. That's because you didn't add oxidizer tank.
  9. Shove vole failing to climb forever

    I got the same thing happen.
  10. Early access - Graphical bug on Macbook

    Seem to be a real bug.
  11. Early access - Graphical bug on Macbook

    overall is not that much noticeable but for some recipe like robo-miner is a bit blur but still isn't that much issue for me. And I don't mind graphic things at all. Just be playable is fine enough but thanks for having a look Edit : I feel like It was fixed with resolution bug many versions ago but maybe it was my display that have problem cause in picture was clear-to-almost unnoticeable.
  12. Yeah, because Algae Terrarium will generate O2 which will push H2O occupied tile upward causing weird movement of liquid. Edit : Also generated O2 will rise up just air bubble in real life float up will cause a hole looking thing in liquid body.
  13. Building that broke usually leak non-solid resource contents and it also leak wrong element state/type of material being put in. Sorry, if I'm wrong. Edit : Also I mention that Isn't pipe that break not Thermal Aquatuner so it leak water and then it become steam?
  14. Early access - Graphical bug on Macbook

    I'm using Mac too, having the same issue the graphic I see on have screen is a bit blur while menus and icon were ok, seem to be that mac didn't fully support gaming graphic at all(I've found this issue on every games i play which run on Unity Engine).