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Severe graphic bugs

Lucifer Gaming
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When I start a new colony, I have this type of bug that bring the game umplayable
When I load the game, the game locks in the black screen with the cursor

ony bug 2.PNG

oni bug.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

You only need start a new colony

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User Feedback

Try updating your graphics driver. Here's a link to the latest one for your GTX 1050 Ti. The driver you have installed is quite old from 2018.

Have you noticed other graphics issues in other games? When was the last time you were able to play Oxygen Not Included on this computer?

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On GPU-Z, it says that I have a fake GTX 1050 ti, I can only use GTX 550TI drivers and I can't install GTX 1050 ti drivers or any others drivers never than since my graphic card have 550 ti GPU
I don't know if ONI can be played on GTX 550 ti or I need buy a better graphic card for play ONI

gpuz results.PNG

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It seems you have a fake card, scammer hack to bios of the card so it looks like a better card than it is, most of these card will run windows and bios etc, with gaming it usually doesn't work.


Most of the time u have to use a special or out of date driver to make it work at all this will cause problems with games and applications because of old and bugged driver, or even worse unsupported (hardware) features used by the game or application.

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ofcourse its fake, GTX 1050 released year 2016 not 2011.

you know that you can get GTX 1050 ti from shop with very low price. i not know why you even bother by buy the used one

you could try -force-glcore setting but if even that not works then you probably need new videocard 

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