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Replicants suffocated themselves

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Opps moment on my part but I think bug in the end. I had them building a platform and digging above some water when they dug themselves on to a ledge which I made in red. I had JUST run out of materials so iI could not build a ladder and they stood there suffocating. I then just dug underneath them and they fell down into the water and stood there and drown. They would not leave the water. Either way, getting stuck without materials to make a ladder might be a real thing.



Steps to Reproduce
Run out of resources when 3 or more squares above water
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Not really a bug. By the way you outlined where the platform was it looks like you had a 2 tile gap. Dupes can't cross a gap over 1 tile.* As for drowning did you force them to move to another area and still no change? How fast did they die after you freed them?

* I just found a way to make dupes jump 2 tiles. Place a Manual Door horizontally and leave it open. They'll jump over the gap.

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Something similar happened to me, one of my dupes was suffocating and wasn't moving out like they usually do. There was ladders and accessible oxygen nearby. I tried to force them to walk into an oxygenated area and they just refused to move.

They died.

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