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  1. Sounds like an interesting challenge You can also use gold amalgam and iron ore, if copper gets scarce.
  2. It's a buried object. Seen it happen on one of my doors as well. Have you tried sweeping the tile, or dig out the tile beneath it?
  3. Can't say I have.. but if the resource consumption bug affects dupes' food level, it would make sense for them to die within seconds of spawning because of it. It also means the cause is somewhere in the core functions of the game. Assuming it's not a BKS, ofcourse.
  4. Sounds like the resource bug. For some reason, different machines will consume all resources fed to them but claim they are waiting for resources regardless of how much you feed them. Like 50kg of algae put into an oxydizer vanish within a second. I've seen it happen with algae terrariums as well, so I assume it can trigger on any resource consuming thing. If it happens to microbe mushers, they will probably consume all food and water within a cycle...
  5. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. It also works on vertical doors, if you put the hole on the 'bottom' side. It saves on having to build a complicated airlock system, but it's abusing a glitch
  6. I've noticed this a few times now, but some dupes take the lying in applying seriously... A miner that can't dig it. A cook with gastrophobia. A yokel scientist. (curiously enough, he claimed breathing oxygen was sinfull. Reincarnating into a morb was much to everyone's enjoyment ) A dimensionally inept architect.
  7. The water level might have been too high on the right, preventing them from getting out.
  8. Apparently corpses now pollute clean water Morp-based pumping systems sound like fun, but the buggers refuse to stay still.. unless you mark them for harvesting Interestingly, they forgive you for hurting them... so perhaps they can be used as stress relief?
  9. While building a water tank, my narcoleptic builder fell asleep in a foot of water and drowned... oddly enough, this didn't cause the water to become contaminated, but it did attract three morps, all stuck in the tank. As the water level rose, I noticed that whenever they emitted contaminated air, it would force out the water which would quickly drop back in again. Eventually, they kept doing this so many times that the cavitation effect damaged and destroyed the bottom granite tile and the water rushed out, together with the morps.