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Priority setting from the build menu does not apply when you build replacement pipes or wires

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

When I want to replace or upgrade my normal pipes (gas and liquid) to insulated or radiant pipes, I will choose the new pipe type from the build menu and directly place on top of the existing pipes.

But the problem is, no matter what priority is set in the build menu, the actual priority applied to the scene is always 5.

Ok although I can still change the priorities in the priority screen afterwards, but this is annoying.

The same problem occurs when replacing normal wire / conductive wire / heavy wire.

P.S. It seems that I cannot just replace the pipes with different materials of the same type (e.g. replacing normal pipe of Granite to normal pipe of Igneous). I don't know if it is bug? Because I can replace solid tiles with different materials of same type...

Steps to Reproduce
Prepare some normal pipes in the scene, choose the insulated pipe from the build menu and set the priority to 9, place the new pipes on top of the existing normal pipes, open the priority screen (P) to see the build priorities that applied to the new pipes, and they show 5.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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