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Power transformers draw/supply up to x5 power

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This is valid at least for v. 279497.

In this thread, as Brothgar showed in his video(24-25 min) and I later showed, the small/big Power transformers can provide up to 5/20kW if supplied by several power transformers.

I'm going to post the pictures here as well:


The big power transfomer draws 20kW! That means adding even 1 more consumer/power transformer to the middle circuit will overload it!


As can be seen, the small Power transformer provides 5kW to the big power transformer. It should provide 1kW and the big Power transformer should draw only 4kW(and not up to 20kW)

Steps to Reproduce
Connect 2 or more power transformers on the lower end(generators) and a single power transformer on the high end(consumer). Now the consumer power transformer will draw x5 more power, so up to 5kW for small Power transformers and 20kW for big power transformers.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I was able to reproduce this as well.  As Martosss states, any secondary transformers appear to go back to their old function of working per-tick, as oppose to per-second.




So, if someone is trying to be creative with their power network and doing something like this:

Generator -> small wire -> small transformer -> heavy watt wire trunk/batteries -> local transformer -> local circuit

The local transformers will pull crazy amounts of joules through them to power/charge anything behind them and possibly over-load the heavy-watt wire.

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