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[potenially false alarm] Game Freezes on Klei logo after [510738] on linux subsuquent fix [510972] doesnt help

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Since the hotfix [510738] Game freezes on Klei Logo and after a while my system informs me that it doesn't respond.

This happens only on linux, I can launch my game just fine on windows. Did 510972 fix overlook linux somehow?

Everything worked fine before.

EDIT: Started working randomly again.

If nobody else got this issue then I am sorry for causing a ruckus and please close this.



Steps to Reproduce

1 Just try to start the game on a linux machine

User Feedback

I have the exact same problem but mine hasn't fixed itself.

Log seems similar too.

Fedora 36, pretty recent install.

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@Dryparn A couple other Linux users reported issues as well (here and here) but it suddenly started working again. Could you post your Player.log and check to see if your Steam client is up to date (mine says Built: Jun 6, 2022 at 20:20:46)? 

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