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Polluted water filter change the liquid's temp unexpectedly.

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I tried to put the cold polluted water geyser into good use, thus I built a filter to get it cleaned.

However, I discovered that when the input of filter is still 0C,  the output suddenly changed into 40C.

I do not think that the heat produced by filter could do that much or the environment could heat the liquid so dramatically.

It is unexpected and weird, though it actually saves me a lot of time and energy to heat the water.....LOL



Steps to Reproduce
Use a filter to get the polluted water produced by a geyser cleaned, and you may find out that the output liquid is heated suddenly.

User Feedback

Water sieves have a set temp output

Regardless of what temp polluted water goes in, the clean water going out will always be 40C

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Dude, word of the wise, if you have multiple photos,


spoiler it.

Also, you can take screenshots by either pressing win+prtsc (beside the F12 button) or just pressing F12.

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