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Pipe Blocked when it isnt

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My pump will bring water through one liquid bridge but not another. When I highlight that path in the plumbing overlay it seems to be fully connected. The pump will push water all the way up to the second bridge but not through it. I need this. It’s making all my Dupes grimy because there’s no water for the shower


Steps to Reproduce
Build a pipe system with two water bridges.

User Feedback

For the second screenshot you made a mistake. green is output. So it says that water is coming out of the liquid pump into the pipe. And you connected it to the output of the carbon skimmer. Try to connect it to the input (white) and the polluted should come out of the green outlet of the carbon skimmer. 

The same thing is maybe happening in the first screenshot but I can't tell because I can't see where the water should flow. 


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Also use the screenshot function of the game. The image will be more readable. ;)

I also think you may have invert the next pipe. Are you sure the white part is on the same side than the green part of this bridge ?

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UPDATE: I deleted the water filter I’d been using after that bridge and hooked the pipes to my water sieve and things are working now. Still not sure what happened but glad it’s working!

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