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Phase Change Temp Drop Affects Multiple Cells - Heat deletion Bug

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While tracking down the steam turbine heat deletion bug (temp swap bug), we encountered another bug.  The first comment, from @wachunga, shows the details of the bug. 

  • When water phase changes to steam, and the 1.5C temp is deducted from steam, in addition all surrounding cells that were hot enough to cause the phase change have their temperatures adjusted (so the phase change reduction happens multiple times). 

The following image (from that thread) highlights the issue. 


The turbines all give the same wattage if side walls touching the vent are insulation (like the one on the right). However, the more contact surfaces there are, the more heat is lost.  The heat loss on the left turbine is 4 times the heat loss on the right turbine (from left to right the heat loss is 4 times, 3 times, 2 times, the right turbine).  The left most turbine has 4 cells (3 windows and 1 gas) that are hotter than the incoming water (hence 4 phase transition reductions). The next turbine has 2 windows and 1 gas, hence 3 reductions.  The crude one (after the water rises above the crude) has 1 gas and one liquid cell involved in the transition, hence 2 phase transition deductions. 

The problem appears all over the place, not just in steam turbine setups. It affects just about any place where we want a boiler plate to perform phase transitions. 

@wachunga's experiment with thermium (see here) shows how the bug happens without the turbine present (so you can isolate the bug). 


Steps to Reproduce

Repeat @wachunga's experiment here.


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User Feedback

A continuation of this discussion is happening in the following threads. 


I think @ghkbrew could put together a better bug report (more is known about the topic since this bug report was put together).  If/when it is added, we can put a link to it here. 

Note that the "Heat Doubling" bug  is not the bug in question here.  That issue is related to the fact that debris do not drop 1.5C when they liquefy. Whether or not that is a bug, I have no opinion.  Changing mechanics on how debris melt could have quite a lot of repercussions (ice maker, any conveyor bridge setup, etc.).  The bug we see here is an issue pertaining to how tiles interact when they phase change. 

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