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overfilling cabinets

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dupes seem to pick up all of the items they can when filling a cabinet, even if that cabinet would not have room (based on the slider max).  They then seem to over stuff the cabinet, instead of doing something more sensible, like throwing extras at the feet of the cabinet or not grabbing more than they can reasonably place.

This is making controlling the stack splitting very annoying - I want to put half my suits in the locker and fly them to another planet, leave half behind, 'oh wait, why are all the suits in here? why does the max on this locker look entirely ignored?' 

Steps to Reproduce

1) disallow all atmo suits from storage bin, thus emptying it

2) set max to 1000kg

3) set priority to 9 or !!

4) trap Lindsey in an enclosed space so they only thing they will do is stow the suits (for me that was a rocket cabin)

5) have like 2000kg of suits in the room

6) re-enable atmo suits on the bin

7) watch Lindsay pick up every atmo suit and over stuff the bin with suits

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