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Over-heating Heat Deletion is Bugged

The Flying Fox
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Edit:  Still bugged for bugged for 288927 which introduced even higher temperature materials and the ability to make buildings out of raw ore with the new refined materials.


See this thread:


Apparently, the code that actively deletes heat around an over-heating building resets to the building's base over-heating temperature -after- reloading the game/save.  Not the building's boosted over-heating temperature from the material it's built from.



Steps to Reproduce
This works for at least the AETN, but have it actively near it's over-heat temperature so the code is deleting heat around it then, upon save/quit/reload it immediately reduces the temp around it and the AETN to 75C, then stays that way as you run the game. This happens on any building producing heat.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

After a little searching of the forums, I've found another post that shows off the heat clamping temperature being set to the AETN's base over-heating temperature, instead of it's 125C temperature from being made out of Iron.



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This shows up in two other threads as well. It's been around since before May 4.  

The first one I found (below) does not have many words with it.  It does have a video attached, but never got noticed. Kabrute did notice it and commented on it.

The second is one I put up today. 



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With the new 288927 hot-fix and now that buildings can possibly reach +900C temperatures using the better materials.  They will still revert back to their base over-heat temperature and delete heat around the building at that temperature.  Like 75C for a battery even though you've made it out of Thermite.

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I think this is fixed now and you should see it when the next update after this message gets pushed out. Thanks for reporting it narrowing down the repro case!

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