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Oil-Well, half-working when oil is pumped inside

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Hi :)

While I was doing some work on my pipes, I ended up with few packets of oil into my water pipe which is going into the oil well.

I was expecting the oil-well to get some damage from this, but nop, it didn't. Instead, it continues working, producing heat and storing nat gas. The only change is it doesn't output oil anymore. Which, this one, is logical.

I think there's a rework here, damage the building (as others do), or stop the building because of wrong element and send a notification, or else But as it is, it's just weird ^^ As I don't know if it's a bug (it seems to be), the topic is here.




Note that I haven't tested with other liquid.

Thanks Klei ! :)

OxCD's Cocoon.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Send oil into an oil well, look it continuing working

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Another solution would be to add an “Empty Storage” button to this building like the Metal Refinery.

Right now players must completely deconstruct the building and reconstruct it.

But I agree, a simple “dump incorrect liquid on the floor and have Oil Well take wrong element damage” is the best solution.

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Hem... up ?

Another player on the community had the same issue. Please make it a bit more clear.

Edited by OxCD

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Changed Status to Fixed

Thanks for the report! Now the well takes "Wrong element damage", and will actually stop producing gas if anything goes wrong with it.

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