No metal ore showing in inventory despite a bit of copper ore lying about and in storage.

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I logged into a world with only a few days on it and went to build some refrigeration units. When I got to placing the wire to power them, I noticed that the category was grayed out, the way it is when nothing in that category is buildable. Further investigation showed that I was unable to build anything requiring metal ore, and the inventory did not show any metal ore. I swept a bunch off the floor into storage to see if that would fix it, as well as breaking more copper ore, but none of it started registering as being available to build with. The attached screenshot just shows the category being grayed out as well as some copper laying in the background.


Steps to Reproduce
I simply logged in and noticed that it happened. I am not sure what caused it to happen, only that reloading the world did not resolve it.

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is it because of this?


On 11/4/2019 at 5:07 AM, Siromatik said:

Check your currents constructions orders, looks like you've build some with [...] and the material is now reserved.

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"I simply logged in and noticed it happened."  When you first load a game, it starts out paused.  During the load, each grid block is read from the save, but calculations aren't run.  So it has no idea if you can actually ACCESS the materials.  Unpause for a bit and see if your accessible materials populate as the pathfinding algorithms run.

If it still isn't availble, then try hovering over the resource from the list to see if you have any that isn't allocated.  Try clicking on the resource to discover where its at.  Then check to see that it is in a place your dupes can get to.




Each click will take you to another location with that resource.

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