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No "Bathroom out of order" warning

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EDIT: turns out the toilets were out of order, but there was no warning and I thought they were working - see below

My duplicants seem to be ignoring the bathrooms even on full bladder. Messes ensue!


Poor Harold here is running off to do his job, despite the lavatory assigned to him (out of frustration) being to the *right*.

Shortly after this was taken, messes started to happen. :(

I believe this has only started with the latest update. I *think* it was OK after starting a new game, but these problems started after saving/quitting/loading.

Steps to Reproduce
Unsure - possibly starting a new game, then saving, quitting, loading.

User Feedback

Your screenshot shows the lavatories don't have water. Sounds like a plumbing issue instead.

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Ahah! Upon loading that save at the same point, I see the problem - I accidentally removed a pipe when I removed a tile.


However, as you can see in the first screenshot there was never a warning about "Restroom out of order" which would have prompted me to investigate - I thought they were perfectly fine.

I possibly also misinterpreted "Not pumping" as "Not pumping right now" as opposed to "Cannot pump".

Thanks :D

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These problems would not happen if the deconstruct filter settings would be actually stored in a save file.


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