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Newly created glass interacts with surface below forge

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Molten glass will exchange heat with tiles below the glass forge before it gets placed in the output pipe. This happens in vacuum too.

This can lead to glass solidifying in insulated abyssalite tile when there isn't any backup.

Changing the surface below forge to insulated abyssalite tiles will prevent that.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Build an empty (vacuum) granite room with a water lock 2. Place a glass forge inside, with insulated abyssalite tile output that leads to vent outside room 3. Craft glass 4. Notice that most of the time, some of the glass solidifies as soon as it is placed inside the pipe 5. Change room material to insulated abyssalite 6. Craft glass 7. Glass no longer solidifies

User Feedback

I am experiencing this same thing with a glass forge built outside any room in mixed air (1.5kg O2 in the immediate area).  Pipes are fully insulated abysallite and only the very first pipe breaks, repeatedly and 5kg of glass drops to the ground per batch with the remainder going down the pipe to the exit normally.  Base is on normal igneous tiles.  I'll try and replace them and report back.

So that was interesting.  I built a single insulated abysallite tile under the spot where the dupe stands when using the forge and the problem repeated.  I then noticed that the forge had 0kg of 900C glass in it so I cancelled the forge orders and did a forced empty.  Running it again worked fine.  I then replaced the tile back to the original igneous and it continues to work fine.

When I built the forge originally I used regular absallite piping which broke in multiple locations.  I replaced it with insulated igneous pipes which broke even worse.  I then replaced it all with the current insulated absallite piping.  I am now wondering if that history caused the stored 0kg of cool glass which was causing the false breaks.  Perhaps the only bug here is that the forge should not store 0kg of glass when the pipes are not clogged which would then remove the false temperature problem.

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The problem persists, those mechanics really should be made more obvious or removed all together.

Smells like poor game design

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