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  1. Any update from devs????????????????????????????????????? Fix this **** please
  2. Same story here, quit playing Oxygen Not Included due to this bug... Totally breaks my playstyle, are devs even alive in this game??? Bug been opened for more than a year and NOBODY cares!?!
  3. The problem persists, those mechanics really should be made more obvious or removed all together. Smells like poor game design
  4. Seems like I found a workaround! Connect your grooming station to a timer set to 590 green, 10 red. When station gets disabled and then reenabled it seems to reevaluate all available critters, it happens once every cycle. I will report if I see this issue again after a workaround. Edit: didn't help turns out it was just a coincidence
  5. Can we please have this fixed? I have 8 hatch ranches and some of the hatches are not groomed in time instead I see "no critters available", ruins my gameplay