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  1. Lights out sounds nice in theory but in practice I don't wanna slow down the game, it's already lagging(freezes, fps is good otherwise) on top end hardware(i9 10900k, 32gb ram, nvme ssd, gtx 1060 because oni doesnt care much anyway) lategame when doing specific tasks. I'm thinking about writing a mod for depletable geysers, volcanoes, vents, etc... So they could be used only as a kickstart in mid game I think it could drastically alter game play...
  2. Yea, I always thought it's a dumb idea to have freely floating hydrogen in my well oxygenated base(open space electrolyzers), but hey! game never punishes for this and my dupes don't mind Would be cool if this could spontaneously combust because Meep wasn't careful enough and overloaded a wire
  3. So, I've been playing a lot and enjoying this game - however there comes a point where game does not present enough challenge anymore(oasisse, all settings on hardest, geodormant, metalpoor). I'm very interested in having "ultimate hardcore mode" with the following changes 1. Depleting vents, geysers, volcanoes and oil wells. As the time goes those will go almost completely dry providing very little output, so if you wanna sustainable late game base you are forced to invest into renevable sources such as wild arbor tree farms, regolith melters, slicksters, collecting iron/gold amalgam, copper ore from space(either with missions or directly falling from the sky). 2. Significantly higher energy consumption of end game buildings bunker door 240w, robo miner 360w, space scanner 1.2kw, telescope 1.2kw, virtual planetarium 4kw, molecular forge 4kw. To offset inconvenieces - conductive wire max wattage 2x = 4kw, batteries capacity 2x. Those changes would help to "find the need" to build mega structures(sour gas boilers, regolith melters, etc) not just "because we can", but "because we need" (right now I use https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1818138009) 3. The more power you produce the more reluctant your dupes will be to dig manually incurring a high stress/cycle penalty i.e. in a late game base all regolith digging should be perfectly automated, otherwise strees mayhem is inevitable. 4. Configurable - no "easy mode" space materials(thermium, super coolant) which make some game constructions way easier to build(like auto regolith miners, sour gas boilers and condensers). As I see with all those 4 enabled it would be extremely difficult and challenging to build a prosperous self sustainable space conquering base, but from a theoretical point it seems to be possible :) We could of course self-impose all those restrictions but it would be so much more fun to have similar "hardcore" mode as a game settings...
  4. The problem persists, those mechanics really should be made more obvious or removed all together. Smells like poor game design
  5. Seems like I found a workaround! Connect your grooming station to a timer set to 590 green, 10 red. When station gets disabled and then reenabled it seems to reevaluate all available critters, it happens once every cycle. I will report if I see this issue again after a workaround. Edit: didn't help turns out it was just a coincidence
  6. Can we please have this fixed? I have 8 hatch ranches and some of the hatches are not groomed in time instead I see "no critters available", ruins my gameplay