Mod Loader is acting up horribly

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Looks like the game is fighting itself when the mod content changes - it's downloading new content then treating changed content like an error entering endless restart loop.

Tested all mods thoroughly in the /dev folder, uploaded some on steam, tried subscribing while previously having older versions installed and disabled: the game errored out on me to no end, the only way of resolving the problem was deleting mods.json, restarting the game twice (first so it generates the file again, then so it... refeshes something? just once didn't work) then enabling the mods. Getting it to work is insane, people on steam rightfully complaining about infinite restart loops :(

Steps to Reproduce
Have the game download a mod update from steam
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User Feedback

@Ipsquiggle Thanks for looking into the issue! More info after a day of struggle:

- looks like fresh uploads are just fine, it's when the mods are updated that makes everything explode

- either the workshop does not always serve the most-updated version or the game does not always download the newest one/does not recognize changes correctly. Many times when I tried deleting the mod folder to force a re-download it still kept downloading a previous version. Eventually a mix of game restarts and mod reuploads forced the new version to finally be downloaded

- the game never correctly updates the mod if it is enabled - most likely because the .dll is write protected due to being in use?

- so far the most reliable way of getting stuff to work for me has been not allowing the game to restart after the "changes detected, need to restart" prompt by pressing Esc, disabling the mod in the menu then closing the game myself. Most of the time (but not always) it updated after I opened the game again - and gave it a minute or two to do so.

- uninstalled mods are not being removed from mods.json and keep spamming ".... has been uninstalled" forever every time you open the game or open the mod menu


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