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Medicine items lists very laggy

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If you store a lot of manufactured medical items (packs and vials) in a single container, inspecting said container results in huge performance issues. Note that this happens even on pause, so there must be some constant recalculations involved that I wouldn't expect to really happen.

Attaching savegame file. Check the second storage container directly to the left of the printing pod (the left one in the food CO2 room, with some shine bugs).

Thanks for a great game!


Steps to Reproduce
- Manufacture/spawn a lot of medicine vials and/or medicine packs - Put them all in a container - at least a couple of dozen - Inspect said container - Notice an FPS drop, even on pause. See the attached save for quick debugging.

User Feedback

Its not only med items. Its always, if you reach a certain amount in a container, that can have different states. Food for example. Different states of contamination, so the stuff is not added up to a bigger pile.

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The same amount of food items (as in separate items in the list, not the mass) with different levels of contamination don't lag that much though. Sure, both of these item types don't stack together like solids do. Feels like there are two completely different implementations here, though it's obviously only speculation.

Food is actually more complex, as it has spoilage and germ levels, but I've not had problems with a megacalorie worth of food.. feels like something else is at play here.

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The same situation/bug occurred some time ago when you were able to store sleet wheat inside the storage compactor. The FPS dropped form 60 to 5 on inspection. The lag is caused because there is too many individual items listed at once. They fixed it by not allowing the sleet wheat to be stored inside storage compactors (compactor = 20 000kg vs. fridge = 150kg). But i don't think they addressed the root cause of the issue at all. Therefore i don't think this is going to be fixed any time soon.

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The problem for me is that medical packs don't stack, causing the same performance drop as with other items you guys described. Destroying the storage causes each medical pack to lay on the ground on its own causing similar performance issues when hovering with the mouse, albeit not as bad.


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