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LoudSleeper sfx plays when Duplicant is awake

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    Loud Sleeper's Sleeping sfx keeps animating after the duplicant is awake

    Steps to reproduce

    The loud sleeper duplicant's  cot was without a funding tile and could not be entered by the duplicant. I got the duplicant to fix the tile and it went to sleep just a moment before the day broke. Then the Loud sleeper effect started and never stopped

    Describe your issue

    See above



Steps to Reproduce
Make a cot for a loud sleeper, assigne the loud sleeper, remove a foundation tile so the sleeper isnt able to enter the cot, wait for night and until night is nearly over, fix the foundation, the sleeper will enter the cot, loud sleeper effects plays while day breaks
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User Feedback

Wanted to add that I'm also getting this, except it's not even around the bed so I'm not sure how it got there, but it is in between my two loud sleepers' chambers. 


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Getting this too. There is one "loud sleeper" but another bed displays that sfx as well "all cycle".

(Update: I reloaded the game and the sfx disappeared.)


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It showed up for me too, in front of my loud sleeper's bed:


Edit: And I never removed tiles from under that cot as far as I can recall

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